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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Brent Strate
The current boundary for District 2 should expand to the West instead of the South. Same principle for District 4.
Cindy Davis
Thanks for doing the work on this mammoth project. As we met with your redistricting team (Chair Huntsman, Superintendent Dickson and myself,) we and many of your team expressed a desire, to the extent possible, to keep school district areas together. In this spirit, I would connect Draper to Sandy, Keeping Canyons District together. Then shift Orem into the Alpine, Highland, American Fork area. Then keep Provo with the suggested boundary. That keeps Canyons together and only splits Alpine into two areas instead of three and Provo stays with Heber, Midway, etc. While it doesn't have a contiguous boarder to the area, it does connect quickly through Provo Canyon and is its own contained school district.