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Sal Corpaci
It's obvious that these districts were formed to negate certain voters and ensure election outcomes. Many Republicans are not who they say they are. They have planted themselves in certain areas to weaken the conservative vote. Like Romney, they are liberal power-mongers seeking to maintain and lengthen their control over us. Wolves in sheep's clothing. They make it look legitimate, but it is election fraud in its most nefarious form. Liars and gerrymanderers! District 2 should not be connected to Salt Lake at all.
Harrison Carter
This is just gerrymandering.
Bryan Petesen
This is so laughable. Urban and rural have completely different problems. Either 1. My representative won't/can't possible address my concerns and those of my community or 2. Will spread themselves so thin they won't accomplish anything. These boundaries are 100% political. I was upset 10 years ago and I'm getting angry. Why not listen to the voters, why not accept the independent commissions recommendations? We need a lawsuit, we need to fight this.
Johnathan Freeman
I don't understand why people in Eagle Mountain are being lumped in with both West Jordan and Gunnison. There is a massive difference in voting and issues that we address versus what someone in a super rural area would. The division of this map makes absolutely no sense.
Mildred Vazquez
I think that the way that the districts are not evenly distributed or fair, and I think that is a problem, since is making us think that people are not being heard, so they should find other ways to do this.
Camryhn Peterson
Some districts are way bigger than others, and I think its werid we have Magna, West Valley, and St.George but not Kearns. St. George way further away from us then kearns.
Stephanie Contreras
After going over and observing the districts and the way they are distributed, I was able to confirm that they are not even and fair. It is obvious that District 2 is bigger and it does not make it fair because it doesn't let the others be heard and important. I know that it is hard to get everyone to come to a decision, but, if they can find a new method of distributing, it would make it fair to the rest of the Utah population.
Rocio Bustos
This map shows that they're different districts and does not show how equal they can be, which makes people think they won't be heard or have representation of their district. They should be able to divide the districts again but in a fair and equal way.
Calissa Ren
Although each district has an equal amount of population, i believe that certain areas of the city shouldnt be broken up. Such as downtown salt lake being split into two different districts.
Jeremy Rieske
Not listening to the independent redistricting commission was not surprising. The Utah legislature rarely listens to it's constituents, so it's little surprise they would also opt to remove the voice of a quarter of our population, so they no longer have a voice in congress. This only serves to increase more volatile and extreme politicians, and that helps no one, as they have little incentive to listening to constituents. The least the legislature could do is add RCV of multiple candidates from the same party to general elections to counteract this somewhat.
Matthew Hovermale
Straight up cheating by the Republican party! Also shame on our "moderate" governor for not vetoing this shameful power grab. Cox is just a toady
Anna Bushman
Something that I would've suggested would be still population based, but where places that are similar in population like rural vs urban. because those who live in more rural areas are overshadowed by the many people who are included with them in more urban areas. those who are in more urban areas have different views than those who are rural, and they should be treated as such.
George Pantages
The new boundaries push further East and South in Utah county, picking up more republican parts of the state. The new map proposal has 66.45% republican and 28.33% democrat. The districts look equally fair and balanced.
Michael Martin
This example of again ignoring the wishes of the voters only reflects the public's willingness to act like sheep (and to keep re-electing the same representatives), or to take action and VOTE the offending majority OUT. It's the only way politicians listen...
James Grunwald
I find it ridiculous that Salt Lake City is being split four ways, these people have their own community and way of living and needs to be kept together for their autonomy.
Randall Lund
Redistricting should be done my the elected representatives of the people. That is what happened here. The idea of an independent commission making the decisions is a fiction foisted on the people by leftists when the left cannot win at the ballot box.
Stephen Atkin
Utah Republican legislators ignored the will of the people, and imposed their tyranny upon us all. They better lawyer up. Convincing a judge that grouping the most racially diverse city in the state, West Valley City, with Davis County and St George, isn't racial gerrymandering, is going to require some extreme word-witchery.
Joel Barber
Utah's anti democracy legislature has taken the low road once again (2000, 2010, 2020). They could have been a shining example, like Colorado, but instead ignored the express will of the *majority* of Utah voters, then lied about what they've done and why. It truly inspires disgust and contempt.
Michael Rodney Corry
So we are in a district with Price, Vernal, and Moab, but NOT the rest of Midvale? How exactly is this working to represent the people of Utah?
Helayna Bigby
I don't think that there is any point of people voting what they think that the districts should be just because in the end the governor has the last say in it and will probably do what ever he thinks is right.
Hailey Watanabe
This is absolutely unacceptable! Sandy is being lumped into the same district as Provo, Vernal, and Moab?! This is the definition of "cracking" per the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, who are nonpartisan and aim to "eliminate partisan gerrymandering at a state-by-state level across the U.S." This map created by our Legislature is self-serving and totally disregards the people being "represented." I'm absolutely disgusted.
Jeffery Lensman
Splitting the downtown area makes no sense to me as a resident. The map shows that I am voting with folks in St. George which is a very different community with stark differences in our ways of living. I would like to know more about why the new map is deemed appropriate. I want to understand the thinking behind it all.
This is blatant gerrymandering - very disappointed in my state right now.
Zachary James Stickney
We live in a country where politicians select their voters, not vice-versa. A Republican controlled legislature drawing their own maps is a massive conflict of interest – even Governor Cox said as much. Utah - through its independent redistricting commission - had a chance to set an example to the nation by creating ethically minded districts which gave all of the state's voters a fair say, but the state legislature unsurprisingly chose power politics over equality and civic duty. Our representatives should be ashamed.
Jonathan Brown
Anybody that doesn't see this as the blatant Gerrymandering that is happening here is fooling nobody but themselves. These district lines are embarrassing.
Thomas Pugsley
I live in district 3, but if I walk out my front door and across the street, I've entered district 2. If I'm feeling good, maybe I will choose to take that lengthy 45 second waltz up the street into district 1. And just in case I need to be in district 4 in a pinch, I can hop in my car and drive for another 45 seconds and I'm there. I have 3 friends that live on my same street within a mile of me. One friend votes with the lovely citizens of St George, another votes with our friends from Logan, the next votes with folks from provo, and I vote with our buddies down in Moab. This map not only splits apart tight knit communities, but puts the political minority of the state at an even greater disadvantage for equal representation. This map is just abhorrent... vote for the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission's maps instead - any of them.
Reid F Taylor
The people of Utah ask for an independent redistricting commission, a ballot initiative is approved, and the commission is negotiated. The GOP promises to be part of solution, but sees that the maps might actually come out with fair representation by grouping like minded communities. This decreases the GOP advantage and they don't like that at all. Rob Bishop is tasked with a publicity stunt to pretend the commission was somehow unfair. GOP manufacture an excuse to Gerrymander the map like they always intended too. This is naked partisan politics. Instead of being concerned with making sure our democracy is actually representative of the diverse voices found in the state we see a play for continued hegemony. This map will make sure that people disengage from politics and that a single set of ideas are all that gets heard with any seriousness in the halls of power. Call me old fashioned, but I value the health of our democracy over partisan dogmatism and the will to power. Please get out and vote, tell your friends and family to vote, make sure everyone you know is registered if they can be and turns in a ballot. Engagement is the only cure for this toxic political environment. Talk to the people around you, understand their perspective and together we can rebuild our sense of community. Together we can come together again and with an even louder voice to demand that voters pick their representatives and not the other way around.
Michael Gordon
This is a nasty beast, hideous, and ill-advised. So many people are into political cosmetic surgery, and they wonder why their appeal fades with each subsequent round of political hackery. Carving up our State, like this; it is to present a new face on old structure. It won't hold, not morally. Eventually the corruption will slip down and off until more and more injections (of cash) hold things in place, until another surgery can be done again. It took me all of 20 minutes to create a balanced by population map, where logistics of the represented and representative is possible, and where boundaries are easy to understand and don't cut through individuals cities. In fact, most counties are left intact. See my attached file. The exception is the "gold" district, but who have rural industry amongst developmental pressures as their common challenge. It shouldn't be this hard, Legislators. It really shouldn't. Are your numbers and balance better than mine? Does my map make more sense than yours? My file also shows the population numbers associated to each district. The greatest difference between the districts is only 3,916 people.
Rick Miller
So I go from CD-4 to CD-1, which now means my federal representative will be up in Ogden/Layton/etc, and East Millcreek will still get shafted as far having any real access to our elected rep. Great...just great.
Kevin Mallory
As a right leaning moderate and registered independent, who in the actual F&*# came up with this map? I live in one district, commute through a second, and work in a third district, and my commute is only 20 minutes! The blatant disregard for the work of the independent redistricting committee is absolutely disgusting. Why did we even make the committee if it was just going to be flat out ignored? I don’t get too involved in politics, and am generally skeptical of Democratic whining, but it is absolutely warranted in this case. Complete BS.
Brad Drennan
This map is disgusting and every Republican politician in this state knows it. I can walk in, out, in, and back out again of two separate districts on SR 248 in less than a quarter mile? Splitting Summit county into two congressional districts along with Salt Lake into all four is pathetic. If you can't win on policy, you have to draw your way into relevance.
Alice Egelston
I think what these districts are failing to address is that separating by population does not always end up being equal representation. Lumping in rural and urban communities, many of whom are not experiencing the same problems as the others, just to ensure that the populations of the districts are roughly the same, means that the problems of one community may not be addressed like another's. The districts should be composed of the communities and populations that are closer to one another and more likely to be experiencing similar problems, as opposed to making the main basis of separation that each district has to have the same population, because it ensures that the officials elected for each district are actually those equipped to handle the problems of those communities.
Hyrum Wright
We have Magna and West Valley with St. George, which is all the way across the state, while Kearns is in a different district despite being essentially right next to West Valley. This could be a problem since St. George probablly has different values then Magna or West Valley, as compared to Kearns, which is more likely to have similar values to Magna/West Valley.
Britton Carlile
I'm not entirely sure how the proportions of this map change the political say anybody has in this state. I feel like everybody is just dramatic.
Jared Bingham
How gerrymandered is the new map? I live in District 2, do my grocery shopping in District 4, get my car washed in District 1, and go to see movies at a theater in district 3. A 30-minute walk from my house shouldn't allow me to walk through every single congressional district in my state.
Ethan Cervantes
This map does evenly spread out between the city and rural in Utah, however, what is going on is they are separating salt Lake country where they vote Democrat but since they are separating them it will cause more of a Republican vote.
Jared Neiswender
Everything in life is rigged. Get used to it. People in power will always exploit their power because if they don't someone will take it from them so they can exploit it. Thank you Gov Cocks for adding to my cynicism. A state full of saints indeed.
Lance Taylor
Legislature once again disregards the will of the people. I'm not surprised, but very disappointed.
James Bowden
Anti-democratic tyranny.
Andrew Lengyel
Sorry, its not like UT was going to become a blue state anytime soon before this. This division is nothing but shameless, blatant jerrymandering. We live in the worst possible timeline.
Andrei Malyuchik
Shameful!!! Absolutely shameful! These political Republican hacks have never had the intention to listen to the voters. Just like Prop 2, 3, and now 4... Passed by voters, completely ignored by politicians. Shame on you!
Jenny Walsh
No. Literally zero chance that I'll have representation if urban SLC is bundled with what looks like the entire rural west half of utah. Gerrymandering at it's worst.
ingrid fragoso
I'm currently a high school student, In my opinion, this map is designed to divide the population into equal parts but what takes time and ask people for their opinion and vote if the congress will decide which one is better even do people don't agree.
Makayla Robertson
I feel we need more equal representation within the districts to ensure each and every persons voice is heard. I don't care if your republican or democrat because each person has the right to share their thoughts on any subject. I'm not an expert but maybe adding more district would help to not loop rural areas with urban areas since of the vast lifestyle differences. This might help smaller communities get their voices heard and give a more balanced Democrat/Republican ratio to give everyone an even playing field.
Dominic Lynn Kelly
The map doesnt look even to the population, Evening the District maybe make it more proportional.
Mason Velarde
the way i see it that we are greatly off center or not evenly distributed. one side has more control and power over the others not to mention some towns and cities getting meshed together that probably don´t belong together
Jordan Diaz
In my eyes I don't see the purpose of people raising our voices when it comes across and seems like their voices don't seem like they are being heard just because our governor is the one that is making the districts and where they are.
Anesha A Jackson
I feel like this map doesnt properly distribute the population and something should be changed to make it more proportional.
Madison Fullmer
If we were given the right to vote on the redistricting maps, then why don't those votes count? Redistricting is difficult, but if the people who live in those districts don't get a say in how things go, then wouldn't that cause more issues among the people?
Ben Huerta
I believe that the districts should at least wrap around a city and not just run through one and split it in half. Also, half of y'all fr ready to topple the federal government on a minimum wage budget
Kendra Bennett
I think having closer boarders would benefit because if you compare Northern Utah to Southern Utah, it feels like the two of us are completely seperated. Yes, each area has their own individual problems, but if we were closer and mroe united with eachother then it might be easier to solve those probelms. I've heard many people sayign that closer proximities would be beneficial because it would help us solve a majority of probelms and possibly help the whole state of Utah feel more united and less divided.
Jacob Ball
This is clearly Gerrymandering. You have made it so that it is nearly impossible for anybody other than republicans to get the winning vote. As others have said, I understand that it this can be a difficult process, but what is the point of even letting us vote if it's rigged to lean republican?
Alondra Ramirez
I feel like having people vote is pretty pointless, gerrymadering is a thing and having people vote will most likely not have an actual change
Gerardo Arvizu Jr
I'm currently a High School student trying to understand what is happening with the redesign of the map districts. I understand that our state is 70% Republican and 30% Democratic and that's what the map seems to be showing as well. My concern is why don't our voices get heard? It seems to me that even if we speak out on the topic it seems that we aren't the ones who will decide this at the end. It seems as the state made up its minds and even if the governor decided to veto it seems like there are enough Republicans to overturn the vote.
Illyiah Pleasant
Although creating and making changes to the map is a difficult task, why are they allowing people to vote if there is going to be no change? If the decision to redistrict is a definite choice, why vote? The government should be focusing on issues that greatly affect our state, not redistricting.
Lixsi Zavala
i understand that making a new map is hard and comes with difficulties, but why let people vote if its not going to do anything.
Riley Bancroft
I feel as though we should be separated in closer proximity as I believe it would be hard for a leader to help an area when we are spaced out so much. Northern Utah and Southern Utah have very different problems and couldn't possibly be solved by one solution. So I feel if we were sorted into more closely ridden districts our problems could be met better.
shawna carner
The maps that the governor have passed are not fair to the Utah people, and I understand that maps are hard to draw with number thresholds and other issues that contribute. But to toss away our votes when it comes to something that we are supposed to interact with, understandably makes others upset.
Colton Knighton
I feel like this whole area should be rethought due to the boundaries of districts running through cities splitting them up
Joseph Euler
Stop gerrymandering.
Evan Madsen
My vote doesn't matter.
Paul Hepworth
Below is the written version of my comments I made in person at the November 8 meeting. In addition, I would like to point out a troubling word game played by one of the committee members (as I recall, it was Co-chair Sandall). Many comments had mentioned the conflict of interest inherent in the legislature drawing the maps that will benefit the legislator's party or fellow incumbents. The committee member stated that it wasn't a conflict of interest / personal benefit because none of the committee members is running for US Congress. Of course, the benefit need not be direct to constitute a conflict of interest. The indirect benefit to the party you belong to is sufficient. In addition, most of the committee members are indeed running for state senate or state house, maps they are also drawing, with a more direct, personal conflict of interest. The congressional map you presented obviously unduly favors or disfavors a political party, incumbent, or candidate. Why shouldn't you do that? Who's to stop you? The voters? They spoke clearly in 2018. You put yourselves above the will of the people and removed the legal constraints. The courts? They will stay out of it. Only you can stop yourselves. Why should you stop yourselves from adopting this unfair map? Because it's the right thing to do. This gerrymander is technically legal. But it's *morally* wrong. You are *harming* a large, but minority, community of interest, multiple communities. You are harming neighborhoods. There's something of higher value in Utah than the state's incredible natural beauty, its abundant natural resources, its impressive technology centers, and its enviable job market. Of higher value than all these are our *high standards* -- of integrity, respect, helpfulness and neighborly love, trustworthiness, and commitment to do the right thing, even when doing the wrong thing would benefit you personally. These high standards are part of the Utah identity, what the citizens of Utah and this nation expect from Utah. I ask that you demonstrate Utah's high standards by adopting a *fair* map. Show this great state, this great nation, and the world that Utah's high standards are intact, that they *matter*, and that they are alive in this legislature. Thank you Paul Hepworth South Jordan
Marv White
Yet again the Utah Legislature shows that the only care they have is to continue their disproportional supermajority while disenfranchising their political opponents. Shame on this partisan power grab.
Lucas Horns
I live on the West side of Downtown Salt Lake City. Why would I be voting with St. George? and why would my neighbors a few blocks East be in a completely different district?? This map is clearly made with the sole intention of splitting up Salt Lake City voters. This is corrupt and anti-democratic.
Cody Andreason
This map appears to evenly distribute the population throughout Utah, however it does not evenly distribute the population by political party and the second reason is what is causing an uproar.
Ana Belen Gonzalez Sosa
Why do you continue to have redistricting maps when their are lots of people who clearly aren't happy with the decision?
Andy Cupp
While I understand the need to split up larger counties (like Salt Lake County) in order to meet the population targets for each district, it's absurd that the brunt of the split comes from Salt Lake County. It's even more absurd that the well-thought out maps presented by the Independent Redistricting Committee--which have no political leanings either way--were just completely thrown out and replaced by a map created by career politicians. You've decided to ignore the will and voice of the people and do your own thing, citing the constitution as your authority. Yes, the constitution gives you the right to decide the boundaries of districts. But the constitution also dictates that you represent the will of the people. By ignoring our voice in choosing an independent committee to create the maps, and by ignoring the overwhelming majority's voice against the map you created, you are shirking your duty as our representatives.
Joseph Sloan
What a joke. No attempt at honesty or integrity. This map is clearly drawn to ensure one-party rule in Congress and to restrict the voice of SL county.
Paul Cox
Gerrymandered. Cracking the Salt Lake valley. Dirty tricks out in the open. Unabashedly silencing the voice of the people.