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Kirkwood Donavin
This is called "gerrymandering", have you heard of it? It runs counter to this governing philosophy called "democracy". Looks like you haven't heard of that one...
Cody Bailey
Functionally no different than your first map! We need to get more people commenting on this - make it look like the first one!
Jake Chronister
Why not release the numbers of registered voters by party according to your proposed maps? That will show what you actually wanted to happen: a guaranteed Republican majority in every district. Why is it important that each representative have voters from Salt Lake County? You claim it's to give rural voters a voice, but they DO have a voice. All your doing is silencing the urban areas.
Tom Jones
What a major waste of time to have a great team of people work on maps and the idiots in the Religiouslature don't pay any attention to them. We need to vote these people out!
Caleb Maughan
Splitting Salt Lake county up into 4 different districts?Perfect example of gerrymandering. Not even trying to hide it at this point.
Daniel Love
Curious how the 1 and 2 districts split right along Harvey Milk Blvd. If that isn't a way of symbolically splitting up a unified community, I don't know what is.
Austin Taylor
Pathetic. Republicans are scared of any sort of challenging race.
Barbara Person
Well at least with this one -- I know the neighbors
Erin Groscost
Utah voted for an independent redistricting commission. This map does not in any way represent independence of thought about redistricting. Nothing more than a shameless, naked power grab by the state GOP. For as pathetic as this charade is, I expect nothing less from the Utah GOP. No morals at all, and no ethical compass, either. Pathetic.
Katie Newburn
This map is a clear power grab by the GOP. It’s partisan gerrymander to keep Utah’s urban population from having a say in our representatives. 90.6% of Utah’s population lives in urban areas, we deserve at least one, if not more, urban districts. Please adopt a map created by UIRC. The people voted for prop 4. The legislature needs to honor that.
Aubrey Kuefner
This map is horrible. How can SLC be split 4 ways. Cox needs to Veto.
Jack Rasmuson
This map is horrible. It is clear that this map was drawn with one purpose in mind: to benefit one party over another. It was not drawn to represent the people of Utah. In fact, It is a blatant disregard of the wishes of the people of Utah who approved an Independent Commission. Why do we even have elections if legislatures just overturn results they don't like?
Paul Cox
Gerrymandered. Cracking the Salt Lake valley. Dirty tricks out in the open. Unabashedly silencing the voice of the people.
Camille Miner
This is such transparent gerrymandering I think it's disgraceful. Why the need to include some rural in with every urban district? Both groups (urban and rural) have such separate priorities, no representative could possibly be able to represent their constituents well. The tension between the two already exist, this would just breed it into resentment. This is just the nice way of saying that it's so obvious you want to do all in your power to make it so Democrat Utahns never have a say in this state. Disgusting. Listen to the people. They want the independent maps, not this gerrymandered *mess*.
Dustin Daley
This map is a travesty and your actions yesterday were completely disgusting. Listen to 3 hours of citizens of this state tell you how terrible these maps were and within 15 seconds of ending public comment, move to approve the maps. Talk about not listening to the people, not to mentioned there was still 40+ people in the queue wanting to comment that you cut off. Also, here is a reminder of the previous map and the comments about it: Considering we only had 65 hours to comment, it's probably worth not wiping out all the comments from the weekend.
Robert Cramer
This is blatant gerrymandering. With your so-called "urban-rural mix", you are actually erasing representation from either world. Splitting up Salt Lake County into 4 pieces is a ridiculous attempt to keep a GOP stronghold over Utah. Absolutely shameful, but not at all surprising.
Samuel Johnson
Doctrine and Covenants section 134, verse 1: "We believe that governments were instituted of God for the benefit of man; and that he holds men accountable for their acts in relation to them" One of the things legislators will be held accountable for is denying Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County effective representation. Utah Legislature, do you have the consent of the governed? Would Proposition 4 have passed if you did (in a state with a strong Republican majority)?
Jeremy Green
This map is a direct assault on free and fair debate and governance in this state. The ONLY goal of this map is to carve up the Salt Lake Valley in a way to ensure any non-Republican opinions are diluted away by then taking that portion of Salt Lake and stretching it across an entire state. Voters in these districts have nothing in common with each other. Voters that have similar opinions and needs are purposefully separated by this partisan map to ensure they have no voice. This is EXACTLY what Gerrymandering looks like. This is pure partisan bias by the Utah GOP, and it is very clear that retaining power is all they care about - they clearly do not care about the voice of the public. This map is appalling and offensive.
Peter Webster
This map, which splits my neighborhood without any apparent logical basis, apart from diluting its voice, is the product of blatant partisan gerrymandering by the Republican-controlled Utah legislature.
Chris Braymen
Just as #132, this map is designed specifically to deny thousands of urban Utahns fair representation in congress. It is a travesty of justice and makes a mockery of our representative form of government. It should be rejected in favor of once of the maps drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission which does a better job of keeping communities together.
Tavin Forsythe-Barker
All of the original public comments that were made on these maps over the weekend appear to be missing. I hope you were able to read them to truly understand how intense the public distaste is of this map and others proposed by the Legislative Redistricting Committee. Accept one of the UIRC proposals!
Daniel Hyer
This map makes no sense. You've split the greater Park City and Summit County communities apart. I understand the goal of districts having an urban & rural mix (although we all know that is the legislature's way of saying they want maps that dilute urban voters), but this map just splits up communities of interest and lumps them in with other parts of the state that face different issues. Why is Salt Lake County split so much? The Independent Redistricting Commission provided maps that showed how you could create more balanced districts, why not adopt them? The Utah Legislature has failed. Again.
Debra Baskin
Utah voters passed an initiative to use the Independent Redistricting Commission maps. These maps are not what Utah voters want. This is undemocratic and these maps are unfair. This is unacceptable.
Brett Loertscher
How is this map different from #132? Both this map and #132 blatantly ignore the will of the majority of Utahns that the legislature claims to represent. Do not adopt this clearly gerrymandered map. At stake is more than the outcome of a single election, or even a decade’s worth of elections. People’s faith in the government is fading fast. If the Utah legislature fails to honor the will of Utahns by adopting the Independent Redistricting Commission’s maps, the deterioration of trust will only accelerate. Please, please do not jeopardize the integrity of our representative democracy by perpetuating the pernicious practice of gerrymandering.
Kyle Pyfer
What a disgrace. I voted for an independent redistricting committee and the legislature appointed its members! Now they want to take their ball and go home because it wasnt gerrymandered and unfair enough. Adopt the independent maps you cowards.
Joel Barber
Please respect the will of the *majority* of Utah voters who enacted the independent redistricting commission, and use one of the maps the commission suggested. Thanks.
Mel Lindsay
This splits up cities and counties in such a way that it doesn't even try to hide the gerrymandering. It is out of line, and against the will and wishes of the citizens of Utah, as shown through our vote for the Independent Redistricting Commission.
Jeremy Stanley
This map is illegitimate, full stop. As a Utahn who worked for and voted for the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission, I am livid that the legislature has stolen my voice in the redistricting process to create this shameless gerrymander that divides our communities to entrench Republican power in Washington.
Patrick Dylan Zwick
This isn't the legislature protecting the interests of "rural" Utah, this is just a partisan gerrymander. I wish the Republicans would just be honest about this. There would be more dignity in it.
Zachary Noyce
I have lived in Midvale, UT for seven years. In 2019, my family and I moved within Midvale. We moved all the way from the Zip code 84047 to the Zip code 84047. A matter of less than two miles. Midvale is a community that has often struggled to create a proper sense of cohesion and unity. There is a real east versus west divide. Community and civic leaders have worked so hard to fight this. I am heartbroken that this map divides my city in two--exacerbating unnecessary divisions--and virtually ensures that no Congressperson will see Midvale as a part of their constituency.
Matt Anderson
This is just as bad as the first map proposed by the congressional committee. Nothing proposed since November 1st is as good as any of the 3 maps presented by UIRC.
Justin Jasperson
After listening to the public comment portion of this and then watching the committee essentially say "thanks but we're going to do what we want" after overwhelming support to the independent commission maps, it's apparent that the voice of the people has NOT been heard. It's not enough to have a voter referendum, the legislature had to take the teeth out of that, and THEN after agreeing to a compromise with the commission, to blatantly thumb their noses at the people and do what they want, it's absolutely terrible. I'll do whatever I can to vote these people out of power. This is absolutely awful and these people are drunk on power.
Deanne Shields
This map does not represent the interests of rural or urban areas. I live in Utah County and I’m Republican but even I can see the problem with cutting SLC into 4 districts. Also, it’s impossible for a representative to be voice to such diverse and large areas. This does not represent the needs of the different parts of the state. I wish I could write my local representative about this vote, but I cannot because I no longer have one.
Chad Smith
While not wanting to be hyperbolic, I feel like a truly representative democracy for our state is at stake here. This gerrymandering is so underhanded and so disappointing. I told my friends that they shouldn't expect gerrymandering from the Utah legislature, to give them a chance. But I now have to eat my words and agree with them; we've seen repeatedly that the Republican "leadership" at a state-wide level (as opposed to rank-and-file Republicans and community leaders) do not care about the will of the voters anytime we have a clear voter initiative and even when it's a matter of good vs. bad governance. To hear our political "leaders" tout their desires for transparency, representation and voter involvement, even as they release their final maps on a Friday night less than 72 hours before the Monday hearing makes me so angry. Support of maps with the clear, overriding goal of retaining power for those already in power should be enough to end political careers. Unfortunately it will not be for all politicians supporting this gerrymandering. I hope it will be career ending for as many as possible. Please do the right thing. This is so clearly not it!