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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Paul Hepworth
(This is the written version of the comment I tried to make in the November 8 meeting, which was stopped by Co-chair Sandall. While I don't approve of the chair shutting down a public comment based on its content, time was limited, and many were waiting to comment. (My comment was germane: it was responsive to comment introduced by Rep. Nelson (I think it was) during committee discussion of the congressional map, *which Co-chair Sandall ruled was germane*.) Still, the Co-chair got deference for trying to move things along. As time is no longer a factor, the full (and reasonably short) comment appears below.) During committee discussion of the congressional map, it was stated that the commission created as a result of the 2018 proposition 4 was merely advisory (or at least ended up that way). I'd like to highlight 2 of the important differences between what the voters passed and the watered-down version we got in 2020. 1) the legislature was required to follow the same guidelines as the commission, including not favoring a party or candidate 2) if the legislature didn't follow the guidelines, every Utah resident could hold them accountable and block the adoption of a non-conformant map That's what the voters asked for. You would honor the voters by abiding by that. You dishonor them if you adopt a map that unduly favors or disfavors incumbents or party. This is particularly egregious for the state house map, because it interferes with the voters' ability to hold the current legislators accountable for the redistricting action, because a different set of voters than those who elected them will be voting in their re-election.
Christian Weaver
I urge everyone in the Utah legislature to reject extreme partisanship and adopt maps provided by the UIRC. By honoring the will of the people of Utah and embracing a spirit of fair play, we can show the country how a healthy democracy functions. This is an extraordinary opportunity to show real moral leadership and reject toxic, self serving and self defeating politics.
Bryce Ellsworth Wargin
How am I in the same house district as Leeds, but not Hurricane? Weird looking district
Janene S Bowen
With all due respect, you can’t be serious. The Independent Redistricting Commission did an excellent job. They were transparent and sought public input both online and by traveling throughout the state to gather local concerns regarding communities of interest. They produced multiple maps based upon standards from criteria outlined for them under Utah Code Chapter 20A-20-301, Section (5), which include, for brevity’ sake: (a) preserving communities of interest and (d) minimizing the divisions of municipalities and counties across multiple districts. The Independent Redistricting Commission showed this can be done. Their maps represent the desire of the people. If you believe in democracy, not just what you can get away with, you’ll choose from among their maps. Yours are a mockery. It looks like the priority of your congressional map was (1) to separate the towns and cities in Salt Lake County, which have overlapping concerns related to transportation, county recreation, economy, and air quality, into four different congressional districts (sometimes even dividing individual towns to achieve this effect) and then (2) to dump them on the remaining rural and other urban areas, diluting everyone’s community of interest voice, without respect for regional concerns. This result is exactly why Utahns approved Proposition 4. Another nod to the glitchiness of this website, which didn't include these comments when uploaded as a file with my previous comment.
Janene S Bowen
I was one of the citizens who tried to comment yesterday multiple times using this website, which according to news reports ceased to function yesterday because of the number of people trying to post comments. Just more evidence that the legislature's process--a Friday night release of the legislative maps, less than 3-day window and over a weekend to respond before the single public input meeting--was as flawed as the congressional maps the legislature created.
David Harvey
Utah legislators: please find some character and ignore this clearly partisan effort to gerrymander a large portion of Utah voters out of their voice. You will be remembered for doing the right thing and resisting the angry devisive, partisan politics.
Ana Strutt
The people of Utah voted for an INDEPENDENT redistricting commission because we knew the legislature would gerrymander for their own benefit not for the benefit of the people of Utah. This map is a disgrace and disenfranchises a large percentage of Utahs. Just because we don't live in rural Utah does not mean our voices should not be heard. We told you what we wanted. You are not listening!!!
Rebecca Blommer
Shame on you for voting for this obvious power-grab. When you blatantly ignore the will of the people you will be voted out of office. This committee is a disgrace.
Daniel Hyer
This map just creates confusion for voters in the area where I live. You have split up my community (the greater Park City/Snyderville Basin area) amongst three different districts. This means that during election season (as happens currently) I often see campaign signs for the candidates running in the district down the street. Why not adopt the maps provided by the Independent Commission? You know, the commission that a majority of Utahns voted for? This is a disgrace.
Mark White
Your constituents voted for independent redistricting. An independent commission provided a fair proposal. Instead, as is becoming all too common, you spurned the voice of the people and created a gerrymandered sham proposal to support your aims and maintain your power. We will remember this in 2022.
Amanda Donohue-Hansen
Redistricting should be left to an independent commission that is not subject to the whims of whatever political party is in power. The citizens of Utah voted to create and fund an independent commission for this very purpose and these maps are subverting the will and mandate of the people.
Rachel Fixsen
Why is Emery County split like this? It seems more logical to adjust the population of district 69 and 67 by shifting the northern boundary in Duchesne County, which is already split anyway, and keep Emery County together.
Joel Barber
Please respect the will of the *majority* of Utah voters who enacted the independent redistricting commission, and use one of the maps the commission suggested. Thanks.
Deanne Shields
Please use the independent redistricting committee’s maps! I no longer have a representative at the state level so this is the only way I can give my comments on this process.
Deanne Shields
Why is Springville once again, split into two districts? District 63 is part of Springville, Mapleton and some of the county?