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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Jesse Walker
This map is the worst idea. It's simply wrong and immoral. As a business owner, and registered Republican, this map is not representative of my community and my city, no matter how you slice and dice it. Please choose one of the other options. Do the right thing.
Anthony Romero Lopez
Braking Magna to the west splits the community into a district that does not even resemble Magna. It would be horrible to have someone in the office representing Magna that does not know anything about the town and the problems the town has.
Searria Marie Watson
This redistricting has caused many issues and many people are upset, voters should have been listened to better and their opinions should've been considered
Joel Barber
Please respect the will of the *majority* of Utah voters who enacted the independent redistricting commission, and use one of the maps the commission suggested. Thanks.
Kristen Crockett
The people voted for an independent commission and they have done their work and done it well. There is no valid reason for the legislature to usurp that power, especially as it is such a blatant attempt to solidify Republican power.
Joshua Sanders
Splitting Magna into far West and Southern Utah splits a community into a district that looks nothing like Magna. It would be tragic to elect a representative who could be so far removed from a community is concerning.
Clayton Phipps
Maps that were not developed and designed by the Independent redistricting commission are a direct violation of the peoples will. The State is violating the will of the voters by stripping Prop 4 of its power, so they can attempt to consolidate power further, the house proposed boundaries do not represent the people, and fail to uphold the will of the people when Prop 4 passed by more votes than any single politician in the state house represents, yet these people who have received less than 20 thousand votes in their wins, believe they know what is best for the 600k+ who voted for an Independent commission.
Brenda Clausen
This map splits cities such as Holladay and Murray. Utah voters prefer maps drawn by the UIRC.
Christine Baczek
in 2018, Utahns created the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission (UIRC) through a popular vote. The maps created by the UIRC are more fair than these legislative maps, which show signs of clear gerrymandering evidenced by the large number of splits in counties and cities, and testing showing that the republican party is favored heavily. The people in this state are sick of being ignored by their representatives and seeing the democratic principles of our community being thrown to the wayside. Do your duty, be a public servant, and listen to the people. Adopt the the UIRC maps which are more fair and better represent the people of this state.
Katherine Young
What purpose could splitting up school districts here in the same area of Salt Lake County that has been gerrymandered into four congressional districts have except to further dilute this community's vote?? The people here deserve to have a more united vote!
Anna Swenson
As someone who works extensively with schools throughout Utah, I am disappointed by this school board map which has split many LEAs unnecessarily. Utah students, teachers and parents deserve board representatives who understand and speak for their communities. The splits occurring in this map serve to separate communities within individual school districts and to place them with geographically distant districts instead. This is to the detriment of both those in urban and rural areas, both of which deserve representatives that understand their local education communities diverse needs. Please support the Utah Independent Redistricting Committee's State School Board maps, which will better create a fair and representative school board for all Utah students, teachers and parents
Hilary Silberman
Gerrymandering pure and simple. The maps that have drawn are disappointing and reflect political gerrymandering and an attempt for the Republican party to stay in power, not follow the will of the people or meet the needs of the people Lawmakers must respect the people’s right to pick their leaders by implementing UIRC maps. These maps weren't even considered. UIRC maps reflect our communities’ needs. Lawmakers drawing their own maps is a conflict of interest. I like the criteria and I want maps that reflect the nonpartisan criteria. Drawing unfair boundaries undermines the freedom of people to pick their leaders and have their voices heard. Please respect the will of the people and adopt the UIRC maps.
Frederick R Adler
Failing to follow the will of the people and the outstanding hard work of the independent commission when it comes to school boards, and making backroom deals to maintain a petty hold on power is hardly surprising from this legislature, but I would ask them to think what damage they are doing to one of the most important components of our democracy, the local control of schools, before they force this terrible map on people simply to maintain power. There are more important things.
Carleton DeTar
The UIRC has designed maps with a concerted effort to keep communities together. This map shows no such effort, haphazardly splitting school districts.
Jessica Perrie
This proposed map does not take communities into consideration, and I am incredibly disappointed. Please consider the maps proposed by the Utah Independent Redistricting Committee, as they better represent the families of Utah.
Lisa Kelly
This map is terrible. It's as though it was drawn with the intent of simply making large numbers of students need to switch school districts. The kids and their parents have already faced enough change recently. Thumbs down!
Suzanne Thompson
Splitting LEAs this way is not helpful to citizens, students, or board members. School districts should be split as little as possible and no more than once if necessary.
What a waste of time and taxpayer money for this gerrymandered atrocity. All you are doing is continuing the political shenanigans and outrage that is dividing this country and the people. Disgusting and reprehensible. We knew this would be a sham from the beginning and you delivered.
What a waste of time and taxpayer money for this gerrymandered atrocity. All you are doing is continuing the political shenanigans and outrage that is dividing this country and the people. Disgusting and reprehensible. We knew this would be a sham from the beginning and you delivered.
N. L.
We voted and paid for an independent redistricting commission to draw these maps. They have received excellent grades from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project in terms of their avoidance of partisan bias. Any move to throw out their maps goes against the interests and desires of the people of Utah. Keep the independent redistricting commission's maps!
Jill Shea
As with the other maps, there does not appear to be any thought in keeping communities together, such keeping people within the same school district together.
Ray L Worthen
What are you thinking. Why split South Ogden into two separate school districts? We voted to have an independent commission draw up these maps and to ignore that vote is unconscionable.
Jason Baxter
This cuts across communities and school districts in ways that make no sense. There is no reason for Roosevelt to be divided down the middle. Wasatch front communities are split - carving endless small areas off of cities and existing school districts. Representation and even campaigning for this map would be an absolute nightmare. If no effort is going to be put into creating the map, simply don't bother submitting it. Particularly as a last minute entry. I don't think any time should even be wasted discussing this map, focus on the ones that are at least workable.
Cameron G Howlett
District 3's borders seem poorly drawn by any community standard. The southern border follows neither county or district lines, simply sectioning North Salt Lake out from the rest of it's neighbors in the Davis School District. Not only that but it also cuts off parts Woods Cross and Bountiful, leaving them voiceless voting for a representative that will focus on issues in the Salt Lake school district. All this doesn't even accomplish better boundaries further north as District 3 bisects all the major cities' west sides into another district. These could be better served by extending the border southward, and focusing on municipal or school boundaries up north, folding more of the northern communities into district 4 and less of Salt Lake County into district 4 where possible.
Shandra Mueller
Why are we splitting up school districts?!? It makes no sense to have school districts represented by multiple state board members. Alpine should stay together. Murray should CERTAINLY stay together, as it’s tiny. Use an independent commission map and stop gerrymandering our right to representation away!
Jody Lindsay
Stop the gerrymandering.
Bryan Haney
You came up with a map that splits the Salt Lake City school district across 3 different State School Board Seats? Are you out of your mind!? A parent, student, school administrator or teacher in a single school district is not best represented by three separate school board members. Again - literally any map from the Independent Redistricting Commission, or the version proposed by the Hepworth State Board of Education that seeks to align with school district boundaries would be better than this.
Jon Bertrand
This map is completely inferior to the UIRC map. The weird mix of urban and rural doesn't give people the proper control over their communities. Please do not use this map.
Stuart Hepworth
@Briawna Hugh FWIW, Alpine is going to get split in three out of geographic necessity on any map; the UIRC maps each split it into three or four districts. The bigger question is if there's a district that's got at least 90% of its population in Alpine, which I believe this map fails. (And even setting that aside, this map has plenty of other issues)
Jackie Rosen
I'm not a fan of how you've cut up Murray school district. Murray is a small school district with only one high school. It's absurd to chop it up like this.
Briawna Hugh
I am not in favor of this map. Splitting our school district into 3 different state school board areas does not make sense at all. Not only does it not make sense to split LEA into 3-5 USBE districts, it also means that there is a good chance that we could be represented by a state school board member who does not even live in our district. I am in favor of the maps created by UIRC. Please listen to the voices of the people, since we voted to have that commission created and their maps make sense and do not favor one political party over another. There is far too much one-sided political action in this state. Using the UIRC maps would enable for equal distribution across the state.
Brandon Bean
This map is not what the people asked for. Please use any of the maps (purple preferred) provided by the independent commission. They make your map look like it was drawn by a 6th grader.
Pat Renfranz
This map proposal is an abomination. Granite School District, with its 67,000 students, is not represented appropriately. Instead, its needs will be divided amongst school board members who represent multiple other school districts. This plan goes directly against those plans put forth by the Independent Redistricting Commission, a commission and process that was decided upon by the voters of this state. Shameful!
Stuart Hepworth
Uintah and Daggett Counties are totally separated from the rest of this district; I can't imagine this is favored by anyone who lives in it.
Stuart Hepworth
For all that time spent talking about how much you didn't want to split LEAs, you managed to split every single one in an urban area except for Ogden, including ones like Murray that were well below the size of a SBoE district. Jordan School District is split here between four different districts, and Granite in 6. My map would have split each into only 3. North Summit, South Summit, and Wasatch are also unnecessarily split, while my map would have kept each whole.
Brett Garner
This totally disregards the education community's desires to keeps LEAs together. The new district 4 cuts through 4 school districts--Salt Lake, Granite, Jordan, and Davis? A complete failure.