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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
The maps that were created by the independent commission need to be honored. This is what the people voted for, not the gerrymandered maps that our current republican politicians have come up. It is dishonorable and dispicable to not use the independent commission maps as the people you work for and who pay your salaries asked you to do with their vote!!
Viviana Felix
Ogden has the population for 2 House districts and 1 Senate district, yet we’ve been split 5 ways in the House and 3 ways in the Senate. This is in no way fair to our city and our residents. We are one city and should be represented by a single unified voice on this map. When it comes to engaging in the legislative process it becomes frustrating for our community because there are so many representatives that "represent" us as city some of which do not even live here. Residents of Ogden have shared interests and need to be able to advocate for those interests with our leaders—we would be poorly served by being lumped in with surrounding areas that are very different. Additionally, we’re a quickly growing urban area with a large Latino-Hispanic population. We deserve robust representation. Splitting up Ogden City is not fair to the community.
Jesse Walker
This map is the worst idea. It's simply wrong and immoral. As a business owner, and registered Republican, this map is not representative of my community and my city, no matter how you slice and dice it. Please choose one of the other options. Do the right thing.
Jesse Walker
This map is the worst idea. It's simply wrong and immoral. As a business owner, and registered Republican, this map is not representative of my community and my city, no matter how you slice and dice it. Please choose one of the other options. Do the right thing.
Alan Gibson
I see that the so called independent commission had its bias. Very heavy handed, not representing the majority of voters. Very disappointing.
Therese Huhtala
After attending today’s legislative redistricting committee, my disappointment in this process is overwhelming. My small Salt Lake City neighborhood in the avenues, in only about 1-2 miles in all directions, has moved into a different district with mostly Davis County. Splitting my small community in this way is not necessary. The UIRC’s maps and the Kitchen Senate 01 map keep my neighborhood together and better preserve my community. I truly hope this map is not approved by the legislature unless it is modified.
Splitting SLC into 5 districts is bad, but assigning Rose Park (a minority neighborhood) north to Davis County is egregious, as it will ensure those residents are ignored by their elected representative, who will instead be solely interested in Davis County political interests. Seriously, who drew these?
Joel Barber
Please respect the will of the *majority* of Utah voters who enacted the independent redistricting commission, and use one of the maps the commission suggested. Thanks.
Dustin Garner
bad map made by bad people with bad intentions
merlin hubbard
possibly by now you folks need another box of crayons to play with
Laird Fetzer Hamblin
Our government structure, carefully applied, allows us to protect ourselves and our neighbors from tyranny. Tyranny can be from the few over the many, such as dictatorships. Tyranny can be from the many over the few, such as gerrymandered districts, which keep the few from having representation in government. We have an opportunity to create districts which allow the few to be represented in our government. We can create districts which best allow each person to elect someone who will represent them in their government. Follow the Independent Redistricting Commission proposals to draw the boundaries. Give the people of Utah more time and more opportunities to speak hereto. Laird Fetzer Hamblin
Craig J. Provost
The maps proposed by the Independent Redistricting Commission were much more sensible and in line with the will of the voters. That the legislature would ignore the output of the commission, which sought input from all areas of the state, is sadly disheartening and appalling. Please reconsider the obvious gerrymandering proposed by the legislative maps which ignore significant neighborhoods and realigns some strongly progressive areas with large conservative areas to dilute the strength of neighborhoods with common interests and concerns.
Sharon Harris
I am frustrated by another blatant attempt to circumvent the will of Utah voters with the proposal of a map created by legislative representatives rather than the UIRC. I ask and expect the state legislature to use the maps created by the Utah Independent Redistricting Committee and follow the 2018 fair redistricting initiative. I support the independence of the UIRC and strongly favor that work rather than leaving districting to the state legislature where it is subject to individual and partisan interests. As so much of the country is concerned now about fair voting rights, this independent and impartial approach is critical to protecting the integrity of our elections, not just this year but for years to come. Interests, boundaries and candidates change. Rather than make a decision based on what the 2021 Utah legislature might choose, please move ahead with the independent maps the UIRC has provided. Additionally, I do not want to see the legislature waste the $1,000,000 of taxpayer money appropriated for this work by merely turning to a different arrangement or approach.
Nathaniel Nelson
It's extremely disappointing to see that the maps from the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission don't appear to be considered at all in these maps. Ever since Prop 4 passed in 2018 through a majority vote establishing the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission, the fear was that the legislature would undermine the will of the majority of Utahns and ignore the findings of the Commission for their own political gains. It appears that is what's happening. The maps created by the UIRC are more fair than these legislative maps, which show signs of clear gerrymandering evidenced by the large number of splits in counties and cities, and testing showing that one particular party is favored heavily. Please reject this map and adopt one of the UIRC maps which are more fair and better represent the people of this state.
Clay Phipps
Maps that were not developed and designed by the Independent redistricting commission are a direct violation of the peoples will. The State is violating the will of the voters by stripping Prop 4 of its power, so they can attempt to consolidate power further, the house proposed boundaries do not represent the people, and fail to uphold the will of the people when Prop 4 passed by more votes than any single politician in the state house represents, yet these people who have received less than 20 thousand votes in their wins, believe they know what is best for the 600k+ who voted for an Independent commission.
Jack Crockett
Splitting Poplar Grove in half is cutting the voice of the Wasatch Front's minority community. This is where the lowest income people in Salt Lake City limits reside. Regardless of the political intent of this district marginalizing this demographic is immoral. They deserve unified representation.
Christine Baczek
in 2018, Utahns created the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission (UIRC) through a popular vote. The maps created by the UIRC are more fair than these legislative maps, which show signs of clear gerrymandering evidenced by the large number of splits in counties and cities, and testing showing that the republican party is favored heavily. The people in this state are sick of being ignored by their representatives and seeing the democratic principles of our community being thrown to the wayside. Do your duty, be a public servant, and listen to the people. Adopt the the UIRC maps which are more fair and better represent the people of this state.
Katherine Young
Why is Cottonwood Heights split up in this way? It looks disturbingly like an attempt to break up a community so they don't have a united voice.
Gregg S. Alex
Ignoring the will of the people is not representative government. Ronald Reagan said gerrymandering was a national scandal. We are better than that in Utah.
Paul J Conlon
Tricky, I disliked the redistricting commissions map, by mistake. I really, really dislike the proposed map from our esteemed legislator. How many districts can an urban dweller live in in a lifetime?
Bradley Rich
This is a blatant attempt to circumvent the will of Utah voters in voting for the referendum to create a commission to set fair boundaries. Use the commission's maps instead!
Sue deVall
support the good work done by Better Boundaries. Non partisan districts is the goal. Partisan interests choose to block these efforts, the will of the voters be damned again!
Todd Sangster
Failure to use the Independent Commission's maps is tyranny.
Shannon Krug
Voting age population shouldn't range from 68,000 to 95,000 in these districts. In addition, fewer (preferably none) should look like fantastical sea monsters.
Allyson Mathis
The Independent Redistricting Commission maps are better. Counties are not split up as much as in this map. Do what the people want.
Evan Johnson
Living on the North side of Millcreek, I feel more a part of the Sugarhouse / Salt Lake City community than I do of the southern towns like Murray I appear to be lumped in to. I think this map could be better. Please use the Independent Redistricting maps. I like how I am often grouped with people up in Summit Park where we do have friends. Feels more like our community.
Hilary Silberman
The maps that have drawn are disappointing and reflect political gerrymandering and an attempt for the Republican party to stay in power, not follow the will of the people or meet the needs of the people awmakers must respect the people’s right to pick their leaders by implementing UIRC maps. UIRC maps reflect our communities’ needs. The UIRC received 1,000+ community of interest maps and 1,000+ comments on draft maps. The legislature did not implement communities of interest as a mapping standard and made it really difficult for the public to submit their own maps. Lawmakers drawing their own maps is a conflict of interest. A functioning democracy relies on the free market of ideas, and by drawing districts that protect their seats, lawmakers are relying on manipulation of boundaries, not quality ideas, to get elected. This undermines the free marketplace of ideas in policy and government. I like the criteria and I want maps that reflect the nonpartisan criteria. The UIRC maps are getting A’s from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and respected redistricting analysts for being partisan-neutral Drawing unfair boundaries undermines the freedom of people to pick their leaders. This freedom is foundational to all our other freedoms. Please respect the will of the people and adopt the UIRC maps.
This is a joke. An absolute show of abuse of power by the GOP. GO BACK TO THE MAPS PROVIDED BY THE INDEPENDENT COMMISION!
What a sham this has all been. The Republican led legislature was handed 3 maps each for Congress, Utah Senate and House. All crafted with public input an ultimately recommended by a non-partisan and highly reputable Commission. The GOP disregarded the will of the people, the recommendations of the non-partisan Commission in favor of a systematic slice and dice to disenfranchise communities with common interests. Democracy works better when the people select their elected officials based on the issues most important to them rather the elected officials selecting their voters based on the issues most important the them (getting re-elected)!
Frederick R Adler
I am disappointed but hardly surprised that the legislature chose to ignore the will of the people and the outstanding work of the independent commission. They seem to have the idea that we work for them, not the other way around. The choice to force these partisan maps down the throats of the voters is destructive not only to our state and our democracy, but to the Republican party itself by making it more and more extreme and corrupt.
Carleton DeTar
This map splits the Avenues district of Salt Lake City in two Utah Senate districts. As a board member of the Greater Avenues Community Council, I am appalled that the legislature would ignore the perfectly good work of the Independent Redistricting Commission who worked for months collecting citizen input and preparing nonpartisan maps that preserve the integrity of communities.
Jessica Perrie
Utah residents are not represented with this proposed map, and I am incredibly disappointed. Please consider the maps proposed by the Utah Independent Redistricting Committee, as they better represent the demographic of Utah.
Elizabeth Merrill
The two streets in this little box have been separated from the rest of our district. We are next to federal land so an island has been created. I have created a map to show the island once federal / undeveloped land is excluded, but am not able to attach it using the system. Please contact me to see the map. Please keep our community / HOA together and group us with District 9. You can call me anytime with questions.
Michael Witting
This map is unconstitutional. It violates the Article IX Sec 4 requiring that "no county shall be divided in the formation of such districts unless such a county contains sufficient population within itself to form two or more districts, nor shall a part of any county be united with any other county in forming any district."
Lisa Kelly
This map is just as bad as the Congressional map drawn up by the committee chairs. An attempt to split the Salt Lake Valley into as many pieces as possible. Any map that was not drawn up by the UIRC should be rejected.
Stefanie Cragun
This a transparent move to split minority communities into different districts to minimize the weight of their vote. This is a clear move to ensure that white conservatives are the only people in the state with interests being represented. Why should those of us who are being forced out of representation, who are having their votes intentionally diluted by placing us in districts with majorities who have different interests and don't think that we should even have rights, have to pay taxes to support a government that doesn't represent us, our interests, and actively moves to make sure that we don't have rights or a say in our own government? We see what this is. The citizens of this state voted for an independent redistricting commission for this exact reason. Instead of drawing boundaries to ensure that some have power and others don't, we voted for fair and independent elections. That is what we voted for and that is what we should get. The independent commission's maps are more fair, more logical with geographic locations, and less biased. That's what we voted for.
Dustin Garner
Gerrymandering. Given an incredible opportunity to do the right thing, Utah legislature messed up by presenting the most corrupt maps we've ever seen. You are untrustworthy and your maps are drawn in a bad faith effort to shut out diverse voices. This map hasn't even made an attempt to keep communities of interest together, splitting up the Avenues, despite extensive public comment on this topic. This is a shameful and stupid failure by the Utah GOP.
What a waste of time and taxpayer money for this gerrymandered atrocity. All you are doing is continuing the political shenanigans and outrage that is dividing this country and the people. Disgusting and reprehensible. We knew this would be a sham from the beginning and you delivered.
Pam Roberts
Stick with the UIRC map - this map barely utilizes the map that our taxes paid for and what we voted for. Once again, votes were counted but legislators have disregarded.
What a waste of time and taxpayer money for this gerrymandered atrocity. All you are doing is continuing the political shenanigans and outrage that is dividing this country and the people. Disgusting and reprehensible. We knew this would be a sham from the beginning and you delivered.
N. L.
We voted and paid for an independent redistricting commission to draw these maps. They have received excellent grades from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project in terms of their avoidance of partisan bias. Any move to throw out their maps goes against the interests and desires of the people of Utah. Keep the independent redistricting commission's maps!
Jill Shea
I believe citizens would be better represented if more care was taken to keep cities together. The UIRC maps took boundaries into consideration to a greater degree than these proposed maps. I would much prefer the UIRC designed redistricting.
Shelley Hill- Worthen
Why on earth would Morgan County need 3 different Senators to represent our interests. I implore you to adopt the maps created by the independent commission!
Daniel Gaffin
Very disappointed in this map. It clearly is about breaking up community instead of building it up. Just sad that someone could even think this is the right thing to do.
Ray L Worthen
You actually intend to split tiny Morgan county into 3 separate districts? For what possible purpose? Well of course that is obvious. The people of Utah voted to have an independent commission draw up these maps. To simply ignore that vote is unconscionable and undemocratic.
Summer Grider
This map feels like its trying to maintain a status quo that no longer exists rather than adapt to Utah's huge growth. As a result, the districts don't align with logic and and common sense. Use the independent maps - Purple was the best - because it represents what is happening and gives communities the best chance at having their unique needs represented. For instance, it doesn't make sense to group the ski resorts into separate districts, creating inherent conflicts in managing our canyons. Also, Sandy's interests are widely different than Draper's and Alpine's, in diversity, socioeconomic, and other factors. Grouping us all together creates a mismatch of priorities.
Cameron G Howlett
This map places North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, and Bountiful, three very tight-knit and interconnected communities into the same district as Rose Park, Capitol Hill, and the Avenues. These two sets of communities don't share municipality, or County rules and are heavily separated by a section of industrial zoning leaving next to zero community overlap. There is seemingly no reason to place these in the same Senate district other than political ones.these lines do not even follow the corresponding House map's lines if I remember correctly, leaving not even the excuse of greater community partnerships between House and Senate as a reason.
Bryce Shelley
Districts 25 and 29 look pretty reasonable. Other than that, it looks pretty gerrymandered. Please use the Redistricting Committee's proposed maps to avoid further contention and a likely loss of power for the legislature in redrawing boundary lines. And please don't split districts between rural and urban. It leaves one or the other (usually rural) underrepresented. Thanks!
Catherine Voutaz
What in the heck does part of Herriman and part of Magna have to do with Tooele and Eagle Mtn? Why would Grantsville be combined with Brigham City and not at least keep I-80 as the dividing line between SD 12 and SD 17?
Peter-Brandon Christensen
Provo does not need to be split up 3 ways like this.
Aaron Bullen
Multi county and splitting Alpine??? What on earth?
Joshua Hortin
I encourage you to use the UIRC maps. Those maps were created after the UIRC toured the entire state, poured months of public comment and input into their maps, focused on communities of interest when drawing lines, and had an equal mix of majority and minority committee members. The UIRC maps are the State's best shot at a fair map for 100% of Utah. Remember, Proposition 4 passed with a majority of Utah's vote. Please reject this map and select one of the UIRC maps.
Bryan Haney
The Committee Chairs Senate and House Proposals seem to have been developed by two completely separate thought-processes. Why are we not respecting some of the same geographic/community boundaries in the definition of the Senate and House districts? The House map uses the I-80 and I-15 corridors to define House districts. The Senate map then eschews any similar definition of natural boundaries or community designations and redraws a Senate district using Foothill Blvd. Why? My house district aligns me with Salt Lake City territory north of I-80, which makes sense because it's the same city and communities are naturally bisected by the freeway. But my senate district lumps me in with East Millcreek, Holladay, and part of Murray - there is not consistency between the logic on how the House and Senate districts were defined and. there. should. be. I will agree that the house and senate maps should be a little bit different because 75 house districts don't sum squarely into 29 senate districts, but I would expect to at least see some of the same territory boundaries if there was any attempt to define the districts based on community and geographic boundaries that best represent the interests and needs of voters in those districts. I can see similarities in the boundaries used for the House and Senate district maps on all of the UIRC maps. I don't see it on the Committee Chairs maps, which tells me different criteria were used for defining the boundaries between the House and Senate maps, which is inconsistent with the goal and purpose of redistricting. Again, the UIRC maps are better. Use them.
Derik Flanary
Why is this still a thing with springville and mapleton pulled down with south east utah…why is it so hard for the legislature to keep communities together? It’s like they aren’t even trying…oh wait they aren’t.
Jon Bertrand
Once again this proposed map is inferior to the UIRC proposal. The split of cities and inclusion of dissimilar regions is terrible. This really is unacceptable.
Michael Witting
Divides up communities in Lindon and Orem. Throw this out and go to the IRC maps.
Mary Gordon
Marmalade, Capitol Hill and the Avenues are three of the state's oldest, historic and most cohesive neighborhoods. Why sever them and put half with Davis County? The two areas could not be more different. It's particularly important that our local legislators represent the needs of local neighborhoods. Which they can't do if they only represent half the neighborhood. Of course, this is exactly the point: circumvent the ability of established Salt Lake City neighborhoods to be represented in the state legislature. Shameful.
Dave Alderman
I'm disappointed to see neighborhoods like the Avenues and Capitol Hill cut in half. Did the people making these maps have any knowledge of the local communities?
Alan Wessman
Spanish Fork, with its recent growth and suburban character, has more in common with Springville and Mapleton than with its more rural neighbors to the southwest. And including Springville/Mapleton in the same district as Charleston in the Heber Valley makes no sense: they are geographically far apart and separated by several other districts.
Adam Fortuna
Another blatant attempt to split SLC up without taking into account local communities.
Susan Olson
If there is any neighborhood in Salt Lake that is a "community of interest," it is the Avenues. We have one of the most active community councils in the city. To cut us in half and combine us and the Capital Hill area with Davis County is an egregious gerrymander.
Katy Owens Hubler
There is no reason to split the Greater Park City area into two separate senate districts. And, the lines arbitrarily cut through the neighborhood of Pinebrook.
Michael S Hughes
Why are my neighbors and I split into two different state senate districts? The shapes of district 3 and district 4 do not follow the 2018 voters' desires for minimizing arbitrary boundaries between districts. I would prefer state senate districts proposed in the purple and orange UIRC maps as these better organize people together.
Tavin Forsythe-Barker
Sandy in Salt Lake County should not be in the same district as Alpine in Utah County. They are very different communities. Please adopt one of the maps proposed by the Independent Commission as those maps were clearly designed with much more attention to the wishes of the people than this map.
Camille Sorensen
These maps are unacceptable. Voters asked for an independent committee to draw these maps, this districting map is the exact opposite of what we asked for. Use the maps the committee we asked for provided
Sarah Duensing
If it wasn't drawn by the UIRC we don't want it! The voters spoke when we passed Prop 4 in 2018. There's no need to split up so many communities. Why split Morgan County? Why split Park City? The people who live there don't want that.
Brandon Bean
I'm very disappointed in how this map has split so many counties and cities. I've seen the independently drawn maps and know it was not necessary to cut up cities and municipalities. Please choose to use the independently drawn maps. Voters are watching.
Maria Kiguthi
I don't really understand why my neighborhood that is in Taylorsville but west of Bangerter Highway is in a different district than the rest of Taylorsville. Why split up the city?
Dustin Garner
Total disregard for the goal that most Utahns care about... keeping communities of interest together. This map fails and I would ask that you consider those submitted by independent redistricting commission that the voters asked for.
Stuart Hepworth
No reason for the 12k people in Morgan County to be split between three different districts.
Stuart Hepworth
Splitting the greater Park City area in two is precisely what you were asked not to do by the residents there; I was at the meeting where every single one of them was begging you not to do this.
Stuart Hepworth
What is even the point of this totally unnecessary double county split?
Stuart Hepworth
Grantsville and Grouse Creek do not belong in the same state senate district.
Stuart Hepworth
Very transparent why you're splitting Ogden into 3 different districts; four syllables, starts with 'g', rhymes with 'gander'.