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Trent Erickson
Keep it non partisan. adopt the independently drawn lines. Listen to the people who voted for the independent
Justine C. Dorton
This is a disgusting display of power and it's DISGUSTING. You act with impunity because you feel there are no consequences. We voted for an INDEPENDENT commission! Just outright ignoring it is WRONG. Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU.
Valerie Pratt Stevens
Shame on the Utah Legislators for ignoring the will of the people and ignoring the proposed plans to create equity in the voting districts. This is gerrymandering at it's finest. All people of Utah deserve representation, not just those registered as Republican. This is cheating, and seems to be the only way that Republicans can be elected. A very sad day in Democracy!
Stanton Stevens
I hope that some group is taking this blatant election rigging to the supreme court. Gerrymandering is nothing more than cheating, shame on the Republican legislators behind it.
Ken Isaac
Once again we find that no matter what Utahns vote for (like Prop 4- that we passed) the legislature "knows best" and does whatever they want. They've ignored the maps drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission (which prop 4 established) which had considerable public input and outside review to check for gerrymandering. Colorado has their supreme court "review" all redistricting plans to assure fairness- maps from both their legislative committee AND their independent redistricting committee are offered to the court for review. In Utah? Who reviews our legislatures decisions compared with our Independent Redistricting Commission? Ummm, the legislature? Having the legislature do it without any independent review (like Colorado does) is asking the fox to watch the henhouse- and SURPISE! Once again, like every past redistricting, Salt Lake is carved up (pinwheeled) to assure NO URBAN REPRESENTATION. Very disappointing, considering we voted to approve an INDEPENDENT redistricting committee. Can we do better? Please?
Nicholas Lovell
This is terrible for democracy. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Miriam Turner
A Commission was established to draw the districts per the citizens of Utah. The dominant party maps do not reflect reasonable districts and represent a reprehensible gerrymandering of Utah. Do what the voters want not what you want to stay in power.
Marisa Durham
What a gerrymandering fiasco. Park city and Provo? Yea let’s cancel out the kinder more caring people so the less friendly and bigoted can turn us all red. What a lot of crooks we have in our religious government
Sarath Chintalapati
Please withdraw the proposed plan and reflect Utah as it is by not narrowly splicing salt lake county and combine random areas together for political benefits.
Michelle Wilson
This map does not create a district that can represent my community or our specific interests. One of the maps proposed by the independent commission should be used.
Keith Henderson
It's not acceptable to disregard the independent commission's recommendations. This antidemocratic gerrymandering is shameful, and anyone who pretends it's something else is not worthy of public office.
Jesse Walker
This map is the worst idea. It's simply wrong and immoral. As a business owner, and registered Republican, this map is not representative of my community and my city, no matter how you slice and dice it. Please choose one of the other options. Do the right thing.
Shelly Rebol
Utah voters asked for an independent commission to redraw the map. Who is the Utah Legislature working for because it certainly is not the people of the state of Utah? Use the maps from the IRC!
Eric Warner
Stop gerrymandering voting districts to favor Republicans! Why were they shared under cover of darkness, with no time for public review? Follow the will of the people and use the maps created by the Independent Redistricting Commission. If your ideas are not enough to get votes, start doing the work to earn your constituent's support. Skewing the vote to keep you in power is just corrupt cowardice.
Robert Calvert
The people of Utah voted to make their will known that we wanted fair districts borders. This should not be a partisan issue. People in similar communities have similar interests and their views deserve and need representation. They need representatives that are responsive to their communities. I fear with this redistricting map the only people that representatives will be responsible to is their party leaders and campaign donators. Our state deserves better. Please consider using the independent commission redistricting map.
Randall Woodrow LaLonde
These maps are blatantly gerrymandered by the Utah Legislators. Why aren't they listening to the UIRC, which was voted for by the people?
Sara Day
The legislature needs to follow the Commission's recommendations.
Calvin Boardman
For the past ten years or so, I’ve felt my vote means less and less - that I had no say via the ballot box. If the Legislative map is approved, I will have even less. I give up. Regardless of how I want to participate, it is of no use. When I came to Utah 40 years ago, I didn’t feel that way. If this goes through, I will stop voting. I guess that’s what the Legislature wants - one less Democrat - much less democracy. Welcome to Russia.
Anne Vincenti
The approach of linking rural with urban into a national district results in neither rural voters being properly represented nor urban voters being properly represented. Time for another ballot initiative that does NOT give up on an independent commission to choose the boundaries. Where is the national intervention to stand up for voter rights? Where is the integrity (I know - this is a pipe dream) of politicians in Utah to set up districts for real representation? I don't want to wait another 10 years to have a shot at meaningful representation. This is my second attempt to comment because the system wouldn't accept my comments during the response period due to overload.
Jordan Christopher
Use the map that was developed by the independent commission and redraw the boundaries. This is clearly an effort to attenuate the individual voices of voters. Please represent our districts by listening to your constituents!
Anastasia Cherkaev
I am deeply disappointed that the legislature has disregarded the maps created by the independent redistricting commission.
Andrew Fletcher
This is completely against what the UIRC recommended, and we the voters, who expect our voices to be heard and our will to be followed, are being silenced. This is gerrymandering, pure and simple, and we won't stand for it. It's inexcusable.
Cortney Western
I am very unhappy with the proposed boundaries. We voted for an independent commission for a reason. To completely disregard their proposal so these politicians can gerrymander is so disappointing. What a joke.
Miss Concerned
This confuses me mildy. I guess I don't understand enough to have real "facts" or anything to say about this. But to me it does look like people are being mis-represented. I had heard that the people have been very interested in the Independent Redistricting Commission maps more. I guess I'm confused as to why they would not pick the maps that the people voted on, considering THEY are the ones that live there. At this point it seems like they are saying "Alright submit your maps for redistricting!" and then when they all come in they just throw them away, they're just humoring the people who submit the maps and not actually taking them into account. It almost seems clear that they never actually planned on using the maps submitted.
Nathan Younger
Independent commissions recommendation should be used over partisan maps to ensure that the Republican Party wins. The UTAH voters made it clear.
Noel Koons
Repugnant! The GOP lawmakers voted FOR gerrymandering last night and against the will of the people. That is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC! These GOP lawmakers are ANTI-DEMOCRATIC!
Jeff Parrott
I'm a reporting from The Salt Lake Tribune. This is a test comment to see if the website is working.
SaJatah Boyle
Each community in Utah has different needs and priorities that deserve accurate representation. The way this map splices together rural and urban communities will muddy or drown out each of their unique voices.
Carson Barber
Absurdly shameless to split Salt Lake City like this. Nothing says America like purposefully and maliciously diluting the vote of those who disagree. Blatantly disregarding the will of the people by bypassing the independent committee suggestions... The fact that all of this comes from the party that cries foul so often about so called "election integrity" is just frankly sad.
Matt Wachowiak
Absolutely shameless gerrymandering, ignoring the overwhelming majority of Utah voters. Any legislator supporting these maps does not deserve the respect of the people they claim to be representing.
Anne McCulloch
The voters made it clear that we want an INDEPENDENT redistricting committee, not the politically skewed maps that the republican party forces on the voters every 10 years. The Independent Redistricting Committee made a genuine effort to be fair and any of their maps would be preferable to the bias in the map chosen by the legislative committee. Salt Lake County has no representation in Washington, including with our two senators from Utah Co. and Summit Co./Boston/Michigan. We are 2/3 of the population of Utah and our interests and needs have a right to be represented. It is simple fairness. Why don't you divide San Juan County into four districts if that is such a great idea?
Ivy Harvey Thomson
A majority of Utahns voted for Proposition 4 in 2018 to avoid the silencing and silo-ing of much needed perspectives in our state. Please adopt the the maps recommended by the Independent Redistricting Commission. Those maps, not the ones altered by Utah's legislature, have been analyzed and graded as non-partisan and fair by the Princeton Gerrymandering Project. Let your constituents to be represented fairly.
Amanda Black
Utah voted to utilize an IRC. It is unacceptable that the will of the people is being so clearly ignored. Not only is the decision to roll this out on a Friday while only offering comments to be made starting Monday afternoon a clear attempt to avoid full transparency but it isn’t what the people of this State asked for. If we were able to ignore the blatant gerrymandering here it still doesn’t make sense from a population or community perspective. Splitting SLC four ways? Moab, Park City, and Provo together? It’s intolerable that this option is even being considered when voters asked for an independent commission and are being ignored to say nothing of the way this was so poorly communicated. The people have spoken and as representatives it is your job to act on their will. Do your job! Use one of the IRC maps.
Joe Cartwright
Horrible partisan power-grabbing map. Do the right thing and chose from one of the independent commission maps.
Rafael C Sandoval
The gerrymandering of these maps is a betrayal to democracy, which is sadly not surprising from theorally bankrupt Utah State government.
Joshua Sjogren
Independent commission's recommendations should be considered. What Utah Legislative Redistricting Committee has proposed is undemocratic. Ignoring citizen's voice by dissecting Salt County into four separate is simple partisan politics, not the the representative democracy our constitution had envisioned.
Travis Allen
Utah voters passed the UIRC in 2018, so to ignore their findings is to directly oppose the majority of Utahans and to insult their desires for fair, independent, non-partisan redistricting. Any map that is not proposed by the UIRC is automatically unacceptable and should not be chosen.
Steven Petersen
The federal congressional district maps for the House of Representatives created by the Republicans of the Utah State Legislature (or was it?) is so obviously and nakedly gerrymandered. The Republicans in the Legislature are clearly trying to disenfranchise Democrats and other liberals in Utah. Why can't Utah citizens pick their elected officials and not the other way around? Are Utah Republican state legislators happy about their fellow Republicans and conservatives in blue states like California being silenced by their Democrat state legislators? I doubt it. So, why do they silence and Utah liberals? Utah Republican elected officials don't listen to citizens and their constituents. Utah voters made it clear that they wanted an independent commission to redistrict, but Republican legislators don't feel that regular Utahns are smart or deserve to have their way. While this is unsurprising, it is nonetheless aggravating.
Sean Weeks
It's just such a blatant attempt to remain relevant when the votes for a nonpartisan commission were disregarded and then one county is divided into all 4 districts. What a disappointment.
Sarah Graham
I along with a majority of Utahns voted for Proposition 4 to entrust an Independent Redistricting Commission with the task of redrawing maps to ensure they do not give an unfair advantage to one party over another and appropriately reflect local concerns. If you want to call yourselves our representatives, represent us. Use the Independent Redistricting Commission's maps.
Erica D Oliver
This is a disgusting power grab by Republicans. This is an injustice and I hope that you take opinions seriously and do not move forward with the intended district plan. This is truly disgusting and it’s clear what is trying to be done here. SHAME!
David Amott
I am so sad that, after the people of Utah voted to have a nonpartisan body create voting maps for the state, obviously partisan Utah lawmakers have decided to create maps that support their narrowly defined political interests. Utah deserves better!
Chris Johnson
Please use the independent committee's redistricting map, it is by way the most researched and most fair map!
Amanda Donohue-Hansen
Redistricting should be left to an independent commission that is not subject to the whims of whatever political party is in power. The citizens of Utah voted to create and fund an independent commission for this very purpose and these maps subverting the will and mandate of the people.
Sam Newman
Another example of PART TIME legislators who have not taken the time to reach out to constituents enacting their own will, to protect their own power, RIGHT IN FRONT of a transparent and sensible and MAJORITY APPROVED process, namely, the UIRC. In the name of good government and not patently insulting us, your constituents, just ADOPT THE FUCKING UIRC MAPS.
Ben Jensen
For a city of 53,000, it's wrong to split Logan three ways. Logan City is very much a community of interest that should be kept together. Throw this map away and adopt UIRC Green or Purple.
Tanner Lindsay
This is clearly splitting a well established community of interest - the Daybreak Neighborhood. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the political views of the people that live here. This is gerrymandering. Use one of the UIRC maps.
Tanner Lindsay
This is a gerrymandered map intended not to represent the people, but suppress voters who don't agree with Republican party leadership. The people spoke. They chose independent redistricting. Now legislators need to advance the will of the people. They also need to not have a crappy, horrible commenting system. I have been trying to comment for 5 hours now.
Justin Griffiths
Utah voters have spoke and want more diversity of thought, speech, and representation in Utah Government.
Joel Barber
Please respect the will of the *majority* of Utah voters who enacted the independent redistricting commission, and use one of the maps the commission suggested. Thanks.
Nathan Bolander
I voted for the independent committee for forming our new districts. I am a GIS professional and I know how easy it is to skew maps and justify the drawing of boundaries. This is why I voted for the independent commission. For anyone who cares to listen, please vote to choose one of the independent committee’s maps.
Mac Scheldrup
Overall, a bad map. I would prefer at least some major changes before passage. A couple specific things. The population of Riverton is nearly identical to one district, but you've split it across 4 different seats. Summit County is nearly the same size as the target population, but its split across 4 different seats as well. The Weber County divisions are really ugly and divides up communities. Maybe have some more respect for municipal boundaries? That District 10 could trade those bits of Riverdale and Washington Terrace with HD11 for the rest of South Ogden. Ogden is smaller than 2 districts yet its split across 5 of them!! But also guys, these population deviations are huge! You couldn't get it within a 1,000 or something? And fixing those up wouldn't really change partisanship that much. Although I want a less gerrymandered map, I would at least hope that legislators would try to hit their target populations when they gerrymander for partisan gain.
Melissa Banner
It is disheartening that the committee failed to listen to all of the comments during the public comment session tonight and still approved this map to move forward instead of adopting a map created by the IRC. The public clearly wants an independent, transparent process, and that is not what our elected officials are giving us. Please reject this map and choose one from the IRC, represent the people not your own political interests.
Laird Fetzer Hamblin
Our government structure, carefully applied, allows us to protect ourselves and our neighbors from tyranny. Tyranny can be from the few over the many, such as dictatorships. Tyranny can be from the many over the few, such as gerrymandered districts, which keep the few from having representation in government. We have an opportunity to create districts which allow the few to be represented in our government. We can create districts which best allow each person to elect someone who will represent them in their government. Follow the Independent Redistricting Commission proposals to draw the boundaries. Give the people of Utah more time and more opportunities to speak hereto. Laird Fetzer Hamblin
Ryan C Williams
I wish the Congressional maps kept Utah communities together. I don't have many of the same interests as those in Tooele or Cedar City. Give those parts of the state a representative who can accurately and avidly advocate for their needs, and give me a representative (in Salt Lake County) who can be aware of my needs and advocate for them on a Federal level. Be fair.
Hilary Barstow
This map is clearly gerrymandering to dilute Democratic voices in Utah. The people voted to create the UIRC to prevent this exact scenario from happening. Our legislators clearly do not care about the will of the people, only maintaining their own power.
Nathaniel Nelson
It's extremely disappointing to see that the maps from the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission don't appear to be considered at all in these maps. Ever since Prop 4 passed in 2018 through a majority vote establishing the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission, the fear was that the legislature would undermine the will of the majority of Utahns and ignore the findings of the Commission for their own political gains. It appears that is what's happening. The maps created by the UIRC are more fair than these legislative maps, which show signs of clear gerrymandering evidenced by the large number of splits in counties and cities, and testing showing that one particular party is favored heavily. Please reject this map and adopt one of the UIRC maps which are more fair and better represent the people of this state.
Julie A Sanders
To present this information on Friday evening and ask for comments on Monday 3 pm and have this evaluated within days is not reasonable. This map needs to be publicized, in ways that the average person can understand. I feel that the redistricting negates the will of the voter in the Salt Lake County area. I feel that your process of examining the redistricting is intentionally difficult for the average joe to understand and evaluate. This is not at all transparent.
Darcey Brown
As a former Grand County cochair of the League of Women Voters I am very disappointed that the wishes of the voters are not being followed. People spent a lot of time and effort to ensure a fair and non-partisan redistricting map, and it is a slap in the face to ignore all that hard work. To put out a highly partisan map on a Friday night coupled with a difficult site to add comments to an a limited time to respond to the map is fraud at best. The Republican legislature’s attempt to steal elections simply ensures that more Independents and Democrats will register as Republican. All voters need a voice, and the Republican legislature is effectively denying many people their vote. If the partisan map is accepted I hope the courts correct this injustice.
Lorraine C Quigley
Utahns voted for an independent Redistricting commission. Use the maps they submitted. Any one of them is superior to this map. This map is gerrymandering plain and simple.
Tony Krezel
This proposal is a disgrace; I'm not shocked, but I am mad. Granted, I didn't expect the legislature to vote against their own interests, but this is against the interests of Utah citizens, so you should be ashamed of yourselves. We voted for an independent process, not a blatant power grab. Massive fail.
Angelo Kallas
It's really sad that after voters approved an initiative to stop gerrymandering, after an obvious majority of comments are against the legislatures proposed map, and the fact that it is beyond obvious that the legislature's map is even more tilted towards favoring republicans, please stop saying that this map reflects what people in Utah want. This map represents what the legislature wants. If it reflected the people's choice, then it would not split neighborhoods, and it would allow people to choose their representatives than representatives choosing their voters. I really like living in Utah and will continue to do so, knowing that no matter what a huge majority of people support, their thoughts and desires ALWAYS fall on deaf ears in the legislature. And you let us know in such demeaning manner that you know what's best for us. Thanks, may I have another sir!
Raelene Blocker
The redistricting committee put in many long hours. Please do not disregard their recommendations. I do not want to see Mountain Green split in half.
Clay Phipps
Maps that were not developed and designed by the Independent redistricting commission are a direct violation of the peoples will. The State is violating the will of the voters by stripping Prop 4 of its power, so they can attempt to consolidate power further, the house proposed boundaries do not represent the people, and fail to uphold the will of the people when Prop 4 passed by more votes than any single politician in the state house represents, yet these people who have received less than 20 thousand votes in their wins, believe they know what is best for the 600k+ who voted for an Independent commission.
Taylor Webb
Please use one of the maps provided by the independent commission. Democracy cannot thrive if the rules are written in a way that silences or attenuates the voices of those with whom we disagree. I cannot see how that will not be the outcome of the districts as they are currently drawn. Such silencing inevitably leads to more partisanship and extremism. Our country and our state do not need more of either of those qualities.
Cory Stokes
The people of Utah selected an independent redistricting process. Use the map from that process with the carefully considered input from the people of the state. Our representative government will only be trusted if it truly represents the people, not the interests of legislatures worried they can't hold their seat if in a district with boundaries that make sense and follow the desires of the people of Utah.
Jeanne Purser
Use the independent commission's map. Not this one. Urban areas should not be dissected. Millcreek, my town, is in four different districts! Ridiculous.
Aaron Garrett
The map needlessly divides minority communities and the grading scale shows that it benefits incumbents. Utahns deserve a map without an "F" in multiple categories and a grade that would be lower if the platform account for state size.
Daniel Seibert
Utahns voted for an independent commission. The legislature should take their recommendations seriously. It is important that the districts in place are not only representative of communities, but also legitimate. The map put forward by the Legislature Committee fails in both accounts. Not only does it divide communities in order to increase candidate and partisan advantages, but it was designed behind closed doors, published at the last minute, and without even acknowledging the work done by the independent commission. I ask the Legislature to vote for one of the maps built by the UIRC.
Paul Conlon
If it ain't broken don't fix it.
Christine Baczek
in 2018, Utahns created the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission (UIRC) through a popular vote. The maps created by the UIRC are more fair than these legislative maps, which show signs of clear gerrymandering evidenced by the large number of splits in counties and cities, and testing showing that the republican party is favored heavily. The people in this state are sick of being ignored by their representatives and seeing the democratic principles of our community being thrown to the wayside. Do your duty, be a public servant, and listen to the people. Adopt the the UIRC maps which are more fair and better represent the people of this state.
Lori Swenson
This map is very unfair to both the rural and urban voters. There independent redistricting maps allow for much more equitable representation of both the urban and rural voters. Please DO NOT use this map. Use the independent commission's maps, especially for the 4 federal house districts. The voters asked to an independent map, and that is what you MUST use. Listen to the will of the voters. You are to REPRESENT the PEOPLE! thank you.
Nelson Lee Christiansen
Splitting up urban areas and grouping them with sections of rural areas does not provide representation for the people. We voted for districting maps created by an independent commission without political bias. This map clearly goes against what the majority of Utahns voted for.
Linda J Eddington
Tired of public opinions being ignored by our representatives. They don't represent anyone but the Republican party.
Devyn S
Please listen to the people and do no split up Brigham City like this. Please refer to the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission (UIRC) for better maps. The UIRC cost Utahan's tax payer money, we voted for it because we wanted more representative congressional districts. Please listen to the people and UIRC and do not split up Brigham City.
Michael Wilcox
This map disrupts and needlessly divides this neighborhood from representation. It would be much better to follow city and community boundaries.
Devyn S
Please listen to the people and do no split up Ogden like this. Please refer to the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission (UIRC) for better maps. The UIRC cost Utahan's tax payer money, we voted for it because we wanted more representative congressional districts. Please listen to the people and UIRC and do not split up Ogden.
Michael Budig
I am very disappointed in the proposal, which puts politics ahead of fairness and giving everyone a chance to be represented. Salt Lake City and County should not be sliced and diced into different congressional districts. We have more common interests with each other than with the rest of the state. I find the proposed congressional districts totally unacceptable and will be active in campaigning and donating to anyone opposing this effort by the legislature to minimize the voices of people living in Salt Lake City.
Darrell Wayne Belka
This map is obviously an attempt to nullify Democrats. The statement by a Legislative Commission co-chair that they were trying to get an urban/rural mix is disingenuous if not an outright lie. Rural populations don't want or need the same things as urban ones. We need our representatives to represent who we are as contiguous communities. The fact that this map was sprung on the public one day before the legislature convenes its special session without any public input on its creation only shows the contempt our current legislators have for its citizens. I will be contacting my representative and highly encouraging him to vote against this map.
Dana Denton
Please listen to your constituents and use the maps proposed by the IRC.
Devyn S
Ogden should not be split up like this. Ogden has distinct interests from Eden and Huntsville and they should not be lumped into the same congressional district. The Utah Independent Redistricting Commission determined that people want cities like Ogden to remain mostly intact as their own district(s). Please listen to the people and do no split up Ogden like this. Please refer to the UIRC for better maps that have listened to the people. The UIRC cost Utahans tax payer money, we voted for it because we wanted more representative congressional districts. Please listen to the people and UIRC and do not split up Ogden.
JoLynn S. Miller
This is not the type of planning I voted for, this map doesn't represent the interests of the people. Please use the Independent Commission's maps.
Linda J Eddington
Typical. So sick of Utah politics. Legislators do not represent the voters, just their party.
Glen Lamson
NO, No and HELL NO. The citizens spoke (twice) and they specifically said that they did not want a partisan redistricting map that looks like this. Communities of interest should not be split unless they exceed the number of citizens needed per seat. Why does this crap map split my SLC Community Council region into 2 US Congressional districts? All of SLCo should be in one district with the remained placed into another not this cracking crap map. FAIL
Carter Ailshie
This is not the type of planning I voted for, this map doesn't represent the interests of the people. Please use the Independent Commision's map.
Denise Morgan
This map is a blatant example of "cracking" a large metropolitan area into small pieces in order to dilute its influence. This map has been gerrymandered for partisan advantage and disenfranchises me as a citizen of Salt Lake County.
Jennifer Luckau
This is a deliberate attempt to silence the voices on the west side of the valley. Low-income individuals and people of color should have a voice. This map takes that voice away. Shame on those who think this is acceptable. This free country you all claim to love so much should apply to all citizens.
Matthew Chabot
This map disregards the will of the majority that voted to create the independent commission. This ensures that Salt Lake city will effectively never have federal representation of it's choosing. The "rural/urban" districting idea effectively means that rural voters can dictate the policies that affect the urban majority. This is entirely partisan gerrymandering.
Ian Wade
The House District maps ignore the voters wish to have independent districts drawn that reflect Utah voters. Instead the legislature is ready to exacerbate the current gerrymandering to make sure Republican politicians continue to choose their voters rather than having voters choose their political representatives. This is an assault on Democracy that makes me ashamed to be a Republican. The Legislature should use one of the Independent Districting Committee maps if this is to have any credibility
Jessica Wishnie
Utah's legislators know this map is politically-motivated and deliberately created to minimize and silence "disagreeable" voices. This won't stop until we have a wholesale replacement of the legislators supporting this. They're trying their hardest to make sure this can't happen! Please, Gov. Cox, use the independent map.
Susan deVall
I support the good work done by Better Boundaries. Non partisan districts is the goal. Partisan interests choose to block these efforts, the will of the voters be damned again!
Jason Motley
This map seems like it was entirely constructed to split apart communities and to disregard the will of the voters in passing an independent redistricting initiative. The independent redistricting committee maps appear to give more representative districts.
Emily Gaudet
This map does not represent the will of the voters. Please use the map proposed by the IDC.
Darcey Brown
As the former President of the Grand County League of Women Voters, I am disgusted that the Republican legislature would ignore all the work so many people put into drawing a fair and representative map as the voters clearly indicated they wanted. Putting a partisan map out on a Friday night, followed by a hard to navigate comment site and limited time to respond is beyond belief. You are simply encouraging more independents and democrats to register as republicans.
Margaret Smith
It seems extra care was taken in this map to ensure (by suspiciously and deliberately screwy boundary lines) that particular constituencies were grouped or split, depending on the political calculations. All skewed toward minimizing healthy, competitive districts. How cynical. How demeaning. Just shows the level of contempt felt toward voters.
Jennifer Fei
Your constituents want the independent commission's recommendations taken seriously. The partisan decision made by several ranking members of our conservative state legislature does not reflect the desires of the citizens. It only represents the desires of those in power. Glad my girls are learning about gerrymandering in school right now. This is a great example of how not to do it.
Kurt Dudley
I believe the Independent Redistricting Commissions maps are much more representative of our state than these obviously gerrymandered ones.
Tim Brown
For democracy to work, there must be an opportunity for debate and dialogue. The best ideas will rise to the surface if they have been properly challenged and vetted. Ensuring the dominance of a single party does not benefit democracy. Nor does it benefit Utah. Better maps exist and the fact that this comment period is limited to 65 hours mostly over a weekend points to a sham effort intended to keep the powerful in power and to diminish the voice of the public. Shame, shame, shame.
Jennifer Weidhaas
Please use the maps proposed by the independent redistricting committee. These maps do not represent your constituents, the make up of the communities and community concerns.
Richard James Harvey
The aggressively partisan and small-minded stance that the domineering part of the legislature has taken on this issue from day one is an abominable travesty. They clearly have no interest in representing the expressed will of the people, undercutting our desires for fair elections and a fair system at every turn. We want fair districts. We don't want political theater. Toughen up and use the maps the commission developed. If you try representing us, you won't have to cheat to get reelected.
Karl Weidhaas
I would like the use of the Independent Redistricting Commission.
David J Grunwald
It is clear that subdividing the Salt Lake County urban area into 4 different districts will dilute any voice the residents of this area have. It will make their voices completely ineffective. As a result, we really have no representation at all. Let's hear from all groups of our citizenry. This is the recommendation of the independent commission.
Mark Parker
Do not disregard the map proposed by the independent redistricting committee. Please respect the people and uphold the oath you swore to represent us. We voted. We need better representation.
Emina Alibegovic
I am appalled by a blatant disregard for the voters' wishes. We voted for the independent commission to create the maps, then the legislature made the commission into "advisory" commission, and now you are simply disregarding all the proposed maps and going with your own? Who exactly has been consulted while making these maps? Whose interest are being represented? Certainly not rural and urban areas? Our concerns aren't the same and a person representing both at the same time is bound to have conflict of interest trying to represent both. This map is clearly created with an eye toward disenfranchising the urban, diverse population living in the Salt Lake Valley. I am not alone in demanding that the redistricting maps for consideration by legislature are the ones created by the independent commission.
Janet Wolf
Please, partisan politics have brought us to where we are now. The people of Utah deserve a voice in the decisions being made on their behalf. All the people, not just registered Republicans. The issues of the environment, education, growth, public health, poverty, to name a few, need careful consideration and the collaboration of all perspectives in order to determine best practices moving forward.
Pamala Hackley
In 2018, over a half a million Utahns voted to establish an independent redistricting commission that serves the interests of all Utahns. Please honor the voters of Utah. I am asking the Utah State Legislature to formally adopt and implement the people's maps as submitted by the Legislative Redistricting Committee by the nonpartisan Independent Redistricting Commission.
Christy Giblon
This map is terrible. Utah voters asked to have an independent commission redraw the map but the Legislature ignored the will of the people. Utahns do not want Salt Lake County divided into every district. The only purpose this serves is to dilute votes of people in Salt Lake. It is so painfully obvious that the Republicans in the Legislature are afraid of having Representatives who truly represent constituents. Stop undermining the will of the people. Ditch this grossly gerrymandered map and use the maps drawn by the independent commission.
Heather Cummins
Utah legislators aren't even pretending to hide their special interests anymore. Splitting Salt Lake City into 4 separate districts and pairing Park City with Provo is just a disgusting ploy to suppress the voice of your constituents. The two representatives who came up with this plan are promoting gerrymandering and voter suppression. We the people demand that this plan be scrapped and that the lines be re-drawn by an independent and bipartisan committee.
Bart Jolley
The people of Utah have emphatically expressed that we want our districts drawn by the Independent Redistricting Committee to prevent this type of partisan gerrymandering. This is nothing more than a corrupt attempt to undermine the will of the people.
Samuel dixon
This map is not with the people of Utah want. As someone who lives in Salt Lake City I am tired of representing 40% of the state, but not having a single vote in Congress. 40% of the state yet 0% of our congressional Legislature. That’s exactly what the partisan right wing Republicans want with this matter. This is a map for extremely partisan Republicans not a map for the people of Utah. Instead switch this out for the one recommended by the independent redistricting commission that is led by Republicans who are not extreme.
mary eddy
please reconsider the independent redistricting commission's work.
Andrea Anderson
I propose in the next election we vote out every politician who has been involved in this process counter to the will of voters because they clearly have no interest whatsoever in representing what the people want. From gutting what voters passed with the independent commission so they were not bound by it in any way, to these proposed maps that clearly are intended to dilute urban areas where the vast majority of the electorate are these politicians have no concern for the will of the people.
Melissa Inouye
(I accidentally clicked green for "like"--I am now correcting this with red for "dislike") Utah Legislators who Control the Utah Legislature: I am outraged to find that, against the will of the voters who created an INDEPENDENT redistricting commission, you and your colleagues in the Utah Legislature have chosen to create an entirely new, extremely gerrymandered, completely nonsensical map that looks like it doesn't help represent Utahns, but instead protects the interests of legislators and makes it easier for all of you to keep your seats. The whole point of the INDEPENDENT redistricting commission was to come up with something fair, something that would put all legislators current and future under reasonable guidelines for healthy competition. This current, ridiculous map splitting Salt Lake County into four districts shows how little the current legislators in power, apparently led by you, want healthy competition. This is shameful. Please ditch this gerrymandered map. Please use the map that the voters of Utah asked you to use: the maps of the independent redistricting commission. Don't be crooked! Don't gerrymander! Even in high school government, kids learn about gerrymandering! It is Basic Corruption 101! A baby can see what's going on! To be honorable, use the maps the people of Utah asked you to use, which an independent commission of honorable citizens created.
Todd Sangster
Failure to use the Independent Commission's map is tyranny.
Why doesn't the redistricting committee just omit Salt Lake County from the Utah map entirely, wouldn't that be more convenient? That's how absurd the current proposal also sounds. Please face competition fairly in an election and get elected based on the work you do.
Rebecca Raich
As a Salt Lake County resident and registered Independent voter, I’m concerned that this proposed plan to split SLC into 4 separate congressional districts will weaken the voices of my community. 80% of Utah’s population lives in the Wasatch Front, and we deserve to have a strong say in our state’s legislation. Please listen to your constituents and accept the maps proposed by the IRC instead of this gerrymandered map created by a partisan group.
Tanya Bates
This map is disheartening. I found today. I have my favorite map from their site but ultimately, every map they provide in their final report would be a drastically better decision then the current map presented to us. The proposed congressional map would split the Salt Lake County areas of Sugar House, Millcreek, Murray and Holladay into four different congressional districts. I haven't reviewed the entire map in detail...this is just what is being recommended to me and my neighbors which leads me to believe I'll see a common thread through the entire state. How is this happening yet again??
Allyson Mathis
District 70 was obviously drawn to protect the seat of Albrecht. This is obvious gerrymandering. The Independent Commission maps are better. Utahns want non-partisan districts that keeps communities together not splits them to support the seats of incumbents.
Allyson Mathis
The Independent Redistricting Commissions maps are better. They are less partisan, keep communities of interest together better, and are more competitive. These maps are obviously drawn to protect current incumbents. Which is completely given away by the numbering of the districts. In SW Utah, District 62 is right next to 71, 74 and 75. The voters want independent redistricting, not the Utah Leg to completely disregard what we voted for in 2018.
Mathew Alan Snarr
This map does not reflect the interests of all Utahns and unfairly divides Salt Lake County and breaks up minority neighborhoods. I challenge anyone to look at the neighborhoods that fall on the dividing lines in Salt Lake County and try to prove me wrong. This is textbook gerrymandering to prevent any democratic voters from gaining any power in the state. Shameful and dishonest.
Karina Kirk
The proposed map disproportionately impacts the voices in SLC, by underrepresenting the needs of urban voters. The needs of rural areas and urban areas differ vastly and it is time we the people are represented fairly. Such as with Bears Ears, Utah has a history of gerrymandering and unjustly silencing the voices that matter most. We want our trust with legislatures to be restored, by accepting an independent process drawn by the UIRC. Anything short of that is a clear failure on your ability to represent and govern your constituents.
Jim Ngo
This map is gerrymandering at its worst. The people of Utah voted in direct democracy to draw districts that better represent more local constituencies. This map does not do that. The independent maps do. Toss this garbage out and adopt one of the maps from the independent redistricting commission.
Emily Long
This proposal completely disregards the recommendations of the independent commission, the whole idea of which was to NOT leave this process up to partisan lawmakers. This essentially ensures a lack of representation for many residents of SLCO, which is obviously the point of this whole exercise. We overwhelmingly voted in favor of an independent and transparent process—this is not it.
Hilary Silberman
Gerrymandering pure and simple. The maps that have drawn are disappointing and reflect political gerrymandering and an attempt for the Republican party to stay in power, not follow the will of the people or meet the needs of the people Lawmakers must respect the people’s right to pick their leaders by implementing UIRC maps. These maps weren't even considered. UIRC maps reflect our communities’ needs. Lawmakers drawing their own maps is a conflict of interest. I like the criteria and I want maps that reflect the nonpartisan criteria. Drawing unfair boundaries undermines the freedom of people to pick their leaders and have their voices heard. Please respect the will of the people and adopt the UIRC maps.
This map is such an insult to the people of Salt Lake County. The majority of the population of the state lives along the wasatch front, and the GOP is working very hard to silence this population to favor the rural voters. We voted in 2018 by a majority to have a fairer map for our districts. This map is a slap in the face to every voter living in SLC. GO BACK TO THE MAPS CREATED BY THE INDEPENDENT COMMISION!
The fact that you are dividing up the Salt Lake City area to dilute the Democratic vote means to me that the people presenting this map have ignored the people. I now consider the people deciding on this map as a direct threat to our Democratic Republic. I consider this government as a rogue Totalitarian regime that has taken control of our State.
Jennifer McDaniel
I voted in favor of Prop 4 specifically to prevent maps like this. Rural and urban areas do NOT have similar needs or interests. Therefore each needs representatives that will advocate for policies that will help their own individual constituents. Specifically for my city, Herriman, the lines are drawn in a way that lumps the highest density parts of Herriman in with Daybreak (32); however, the new Olympia Hills portion will be in another district (52). When built, the constituents in Olympia Hills will have similar interests as those in other higher-density Herriman areas and they should not be lumped in with the much more rural parts of Herriman. The maps from the Independent Commissions (I like the Purple map best), does not make this error. This irrational division plays out over and over again in other areas, dividing people along highly partisan lines to the maximum benefit of only one party. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OF THE INDEPENDENT COMMISSION'S MAPS!!!
Mark Webster
Once again the "superior" minds of the state legislature have willfully ignored the will of the voters they are purported to serve and eviscerated the results of the citizen initiative establishing an independent redistricting commission. I never really expected any different outcome considering the long history of legislative end-runs around the express will of the people of Utah, so I am not all that surprised by this latest power play to maintain a firm grip on supermajority representation. Independent and nonpartisan redistricting never had a chance after the commission's responsibility was reduced to "advisory" status. Shame on anyone who expected any different result from the governing body that always knows better.
Catherine Christensen
This map ignores the very thoughtful recommendations of the independent commission. In the memo that accompanies the map, we are told that this option provides a voice to rural voters who grow our food, provide our energy, etc. These are significant contributions, but should they outweigh the economic and other contributions of citizens in our population centers? Congressional districts should group citizens with common needs and interests. Even more importantly, they should reflect the desire of the voters.
Emily Walsh
I am concerned about the deviation in my district as compared to the deviation in HD 23. I realize redistricting is a difficult task. I think this might be an incumbent gerrymander. However, when one considers the SES disparities between these two HDs I think the public will view it as something more nefarious.
Morgan Vanikiotis
I am strongly against any redistricting that further divides up the most populated counties into four separate districts. The needs of urban and rural populations are different - instead of focusing on how to maintain the majority I would rather our elected lawmakers focus on how to ensure the most voices are heard - not just the loudest.
Charles A. Cannon
The only map that provides a just division into Congressional Districts is the Purple Map of the Independent Commission. The Legislative map continues the ugly tradition of denying Salt Lake County the representation it is entitled to. Please follow the will of the voters who chose an independent commission to draw these district lines. The Legislature has a duty to follow their constituent's expressed desire. Charlie Cannon
Dan Love
This needs to stop, people have spoken and voted, respect the voice and the vote. You, as a legislative body, are a disappointment, it’s time to change and hold true to the oath you swore.
kate park
This map appeases the legislators who hold office today, not the people of the State of Utah. An independent committee's map studied this issue vigorously. What your propose is flagrant gerrymandering. Please help restore democracy to our State.
Frederick R Adler
There is no excuse for ignoring the votes of the majority of Utahns and the hard and excellent work of the independent commission beyond a blatant attack on our democracy to maintain power. Our democracy is under assault from all sides right now, and making these partisan and unfair maps that deny people representation only makes the problem worse. Colorado chose to follow the will of the people rather than using its power to cheat a few more seats for the party that happens to be in the majority. We in Utah could hold our heads up more proudly if we did that same. But I guess that isn't the spirit of one party rule.
Emily Box
The people of Utah voted to have fair redistricting. It is in no way fair to separate the people in Salt Lake County in to 4 different districts, denying us the right to vote with our friends and neighbors. This map goes against our democratic principles of representative government.
Peter B Armentrout
Please choose one of the independent committee's map and stop the gerrymandering.
Peter B Armentrout
Please choose one of the independent committee's map and stop the gerrymandering.
Peter B Armentrout
Please choose one of the independent committee's map and stop the gerrymandering.
Alexi Lamm
Utah voters voted for a independent redistricting commission, and the commission listened to Utahns, thoughtfully producing maps for legislative consideration. Please take the will of the voters and the process of the commission seriously rather than disregarding both.
Kelly Welch
Millcreek and Holladay should not be dissected! Please use the UIRC maps and show us some integrity! My three kids live less than a mile away from me.....this current plan puts us in 3 different districts! We look to you, to do what is best for "the people", not what is best for the parties or individual greed! The UIRC worked hard and thoughtfully on their recommendations!.......Listen to them!!!!!
Constance D Manwill
I was SO hopeful this was going to fix the gerrymandering problem and SO disappointed to see it come out even worse that it was. So unfair to the changing population of Utah. Use the UIRC maps and let the citizens of Utah have a voice instead of obvious partisan politicians. Shameful!
Mary A White
This map does not allow the interests of Salt Lake City residents fair representation. Do not ignore the efforts of the UIRC in favor of your supposedly unbiased idea of how we should be represented.
Patty Shang
This proposed map is a disgrace. Please stop gerrymandering and allow Salt Lake County to be represented as a whole.
Mandee Rodriguez
Come on. At least don't make it so blatantly obvious you are trying to gerrymander by splitting Ogden the way it is. Further, I live in Roy and don't believe it should be split the way it is either. My parents and brother both live two minutes from me in Roy and they are in another district entirely. All for what, to split Ogden so we don't get any Democrats in power? Please use a map from the independent committee, this is garbage.
Kristina Paukert
Is this a joke? I am so disappointed in this proposal. The website and comment period is also ridiculous. Commentating on my phone was nearly impossible. It's like you don't actually want to hear from the people...shocking.
Carleton DeTar
The UIRC has created fair, nonpartisan maps with input from citizens across the state. The legislative process was secretive and partisan. Is this what is meant by the "Utah way"?
Katherine Kitterman
I am deeply disappointed that the Legislature's proposed maps were released late on a Friday so soon before they will be voted on. This map was created behind closed doors, as opposed to the IRC maps that were the result of a bipartisan, transparent process that Utah voters approved. If the legislature chooses this map over one of the maps submitted by the IRC it will be yet another sign that they are not actually listening to the people they represent.
joel l watson
Instead of resorting to obvious cheating to stay in power how about coming up with some ideas that would actually get people to vote for you of their own free will? This map makes me wonder why you even bother with elections? Why not just set up a few boxes like the russians do and announce the winner an hour after the box is taken away? Think of the savings! Imagine the pay raises you could give yourselves. But no. You want to go through the motions and pretend that you govern through free and fair elections. Whatever.
Robert Ricci
Our nation and state were founded on the belief in the right of the people to govern themselves. This map is a clear repudiation of that belief. Vote for a map created by the process the people voted for, and with the people's voice.
Reba Schnyder
Very upsetting to see the process of creating non-partisan maps was a waste of time and resources. This map is outrageous and makes a mockery of the redistricting process.
John Adams
The Democrats have 30 more seats in Congress than they would have if they did not continue the tradition of the racist Democrat, Elbridge Gerry from Massachusetts, where gerrymander comes from, by gerrymandering the states of New York, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and others. It would be foolish for a state like Utah to take the high road and not follow the Democrats in using their partisan advantage to dilute concentrations of the opposition party. Classic Democrat hypocrisy where Obama forces millions of Black kids into failing schools while sending his daughters to private schools.
Jess Perrie
Utah residents are not represented with this proposed map, and I am incredibly disappointed. Please consider the maps proposed by the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission, as they better represent the demographic of Utah. With this proposed map, many Utahs will not be represented in Congress locally and nationally.
Jeff Kenney
These maps are an abomination and a clear attempt to gerrymander Utah even further to silence the voices of Salt Lake County! By silencing voices/votes with these lines, you continue to threaten democracy! This is not a balance or rural/urban voices, but instead allows for a republican stronghold. An elected official can't understand all the nuances of urban and rural Utah. We need them to have an intimate knowledge of their constituents needs then come together to make legislation. VOTE for maps drawn by the UIRC!
Annie Putman
This is a gerrymandered map. According to a quantitative analysis by Better Boundaries, "The Legislative Redistricting Committee map substantially favors the republican party. When a robust partisan test is conducted, using ten different Utah elections and with an ensemble of over 100,000 maps, the Legislative Redistricting Committee map heavily favors Republicans." Why use this poorly drawn map, when we have 3 non-partisan maps drawn by the UIRC - which we, the people of Utah, voted for - to choose from? The UIRC process was transparent, fair, considered the importance of keeping communities together over a partisan power grab. This map is a sorry excuse, developed by power-hungry wealthy republicans to maintain the status quo and avoid actually representing the people of the state.
Jill Lesh
This map, once again, cuts the Park City Area into 3 different House districts. This is the opposite of what residents specifically asked for. Please revise or choose a UIRC map that keeps the Park City Community together.
Warner Woodworth
It never ceases to amaze me how the dominant party of the Utah Legislature continues to run roughshod over the will of the people. Our efforts to have a clean, open process for determining redistricting was overwhelmingly approved by our votes. Yet true to form, the legislature decided they know best. So we're afflicted with their corrupt manipulations again. Clearly, preserving their power to push anti-democratic policies in order to retain their control over so many Utahns continues to be their agenda, as Utah citizens like me have been ignored for the 60 years I've lived here.
Jamey Ann Harvey
There is nothing bipartisan about this map!!!! This completely disenfranchises the voters of Salt Lake County. Can't you at least pretend to make this redistricting fair? A registered Republican
David Harvey
This maps ensures that 30% of the population of Utah get no representation whatsoever. I strongly recommend that you muster up some character and dispense with this highly partisan effort to limit the voices of people who's political party is not your own.
Branden Rosenlof
Deeply disappointed in the proposed maps. Please consider the maps proposed by the independent commission, as I feel they give a better chance for accurate representation in both state and national congress.
Craig Kendall
The blatant abuse of power has become quite predictable at this point. The Utah legislature is full of hypocrites who claim virtues in public but then make backroom deals and try to slip one by the voters by trying to quietly ignore the maps of the IRC. I wish they would see that the feedback is universally negative and realize they made a mistake but that just isn't going to happen - they'll approve the maps that are most likely to keep themselves in power rather than doing what is fair and demanded by the people. Utah will continue to be the textbook example of Gerrymandering.
Celeste Tholen Rosenlof
What a disappointing districting proposal. These maps break up the largest, most diverse, and most liberal metro area in the state in partisan, gerrymandering ways. We voted to have an objective effort put into redistricting—these maps show that the opposite has taken place.
Brita Engh
Please follow the recommendations of the UIRC. Gerrymandering is unethical and erodes voters' trust in government.
Tyler Ely
I would like to know why the districts in Orem have all kinds of unintuitive, unnatural boundaries that don't reflect any kind of reasonable political, social or residential lines. As far as the broader congressional districts go, please explain to me why someone in SLC can drive to southern Utah and pass through 2 other congressional districts but end up in the same one they started in? These maps were created in incredibly bad faith and are exactly why Utah voters agreed on independent redistricting. This is a sham.
Ryan Mersmann
I do not like this congressional boundary map. It does not fairly represent the people of Utah. Give the citizens a fair say in who they elect and draw boundaries by common region. I am strongly against this abuse of power to gerrymander the state!
Sylvia Marlene Richards
The will of the people was clearly defined by our overwhelming vote for an INDEPENDENT redistricting commission. It was not up to the Legislature to go behind our backs, behind closed doors, to dismiss and disdain our wishes. This is blatant gerrymandering. FOLLOW THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE INDEPENDENT REDISTRICTING COMMISSION.
Jade McDowell
I moved to Utah in July with the intent to live here for many years to come, and while I've mostly enjoyed my time here one thing I really haven't enjoyed is watching Utah legislators' blatant disregard for their constituents. Watching the legislature turn the independent commission into a sham and instead prepare to adopt a drawn-behind-closed-doors-and-released-at-the-last-minute map that's solely about a certain party winning at all costs and not at all about actually serving Utahns makes me feel like I lost my voice by choosing to move here. Please, if any legislators still have a modicum of respect for their constituents and our democracy, honor the will of the voters and support the work of the independent commission.
Wendy Blankenship
Please us use maps created by the Independent committee created by the voters of Utah. The maps created by the legislature obviously cater to one political party.
matthew roberts
Please, Please, Please follow the recommendations of the INDEPENDENT redistricting committee as voted for by the majority of Utahns.
Mary Becker Wright
This map dissects greater Park city. Use the UIRC maps
cory reid
My dream, and hope, is that politicians will stop relying on that which silences votes (e.g.: this faux redistricting, voter suppression laws, etc) to get and remain elected, instead focusing on the real issues that impact the lives the community, and education around the same. A strong and healthy community is only possible when all voices are solicited, and heard.
Kevin Bolander
There's a reason the Committee released their maps on Friday evening with only until Monday afternoon to comment. It fails miserably at being objective. If the Legislature is so adamant about urban-rural mix congressional districts, the IRC maps (Pruple and SH 2) accomplish that without shredding Salt Lake County into four districts. The real intent is to disenfranchise the voters of the state who vote for the minority party. A healthy republic needs proportional representation and these maps do the opposite by giving outsized power to some at the expense of others.
Tamsen Maloy
This map unfairly favors republicans in the state house. An independent, partisan-blind state house map would be better.
Virginia Viavant
This is gerrymandering. A map like this does not represent the community.
Courtney Johnson
I strongly oppose the proposed maps drawn by the legislature and would instead recommend the use of the maps created by the Utah Independent Redistricting Committee. When Utah constituents voted for redistricting, we wanted an end the unfair gerrymandering within the state. The proposed redistricting only continues to break up the Salt Lake voters and lump them into areas unlikely to share the same voting opinions, diluting the power of Salt Lake City’s vote. Allow the Salt Lake valley to have it’s say.
Amy Reid
Salt Lake County deserves a voice. Please consider the maps by the independent commission.
Emily Box
The people of Utah voted to have fair redistricting in this state. In no way is it fair to split the people of Salt Lake County into 4 districts. We deserve to be heard and to vote with our friends and neighbors in the same neighborhoods. Our legislature should reflect the will of the entire state, not just those that the people in charge prefer.
Stephen Bradford
Between the limited, inconvenient comment window and the rejection of the independent commission's proposals, it's hard to trust that this new map actually involved consideration of Utahns' needs. The legislature should honor the will of Utah voters and ensure that ALL voters - urban and rural - are fairly represented.
Lisa Kelly
Another attempt to split the Salt Lake Valley into enough pieces that none of our voices actually matter? No thank you! Enough is enough. We asked for fair maps, and any map that isn't drawn up by the UIRC at this point should be thrown out. Great pains were taken to ensure fairness in the UIRC maps, unlike the proposals the committee chairs have put forth.
David Urmann
These maps effectively disfranchise the voters of Salt Lake City. Please respect the work of the Independent Redistricting Commission.
Stephen Thompson
This is inappropriate use of districting. This should be handily reconsidered.
Mason Andersen
Please pick from the independent committee's maps. The other is blatant gerrymandering. Surely we can be a better people than that? Sincerely a conservative and registered Republican.
The congressional maps proposed by the legislator fly in the face of the efforts of the independent redistricting commission and the will of the voters. The legislators that proposed splitting Salt Lake County into 4 should be ashamed of themselves for such bold-faced partisanship. The claim that all 4 districts should represent both rural and urban voters so that the Utah congressional delegation is "unified" is a trojan horse that serves the supermajority to the detriment of voters. "Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause." - Isaiah 1:17
Raquel R Cook
Once again the UT State Legislature is ignoring the will of its constituents. We asked for an unbiased opinion and suggestions on the redistricting process so all are represented fairly. What the Legislature is proposing is the opposite.
Erica Bindas
These maps are disappointing because they clearly represent a gerrymandered and partisan districting process, not the independant process that the voters voted for! Splitting Salt Lake County into FOUR districts does not make any sense unless you are trying to water down and underrepresent the voices that are not currently in power. Please accept the maps drawn by the UIRC!
Sabra Ekins
This map is absolutely absurd. It is gerrymandering and panders to those in office to only care about their agendas and not any of the constituents concerns. Everyone needs equal representation, and this breaks up any chance of democratic voices being heard or represented.
How is this fair to Daybreak, which is part of South Jordan? It only serves to dilute our voices into Herriman and West Jordan, which are very different culturally speaking. Do better.
Virginia Hylton
I strongly oppose allowing the Legislature to disregard the will of Utah voters and adopt their own new, updated version of gerrymandered maps. Carry out the will of your constituents and allow the Independent Redistricting Committee's maps to become law.
Joshua Fisher
How utterly disrespectful to the will of the people. In a period where both sides decry partisanship, what do you have to lose in adopting the independent commission maps? The people of Salt Lake County deserve to have their votes count. Shameful.
What a waste of time and taxpayer money for this gerrymandered atrocity. All you are doing is continuing the political shenanigans and outrage that is dividing this country and the people. Disgusting and reprehensible. We knew this would be a sham from the beginning and you delivered.
Rob Bain
It appear a fact that accurate representation of the Utah voter would result in 3 Republican and 1 Democrat Representatives and yet this has not happened due to the poorly draw (cut up more liberal SLC county) legislative maps. We have an opportunity here to increase fairness in Utah. The voters voted for an independent counsel and they have created fair redistricted maps that will result in a more accurate representation of the utah voters. I urge the legislature to not turn their back on us and simply create their own similarly flawed district maps. There is a reason Proposition 4 happened! To ignore us for another 10 years is unacceptable.
Kathryn Forney
These proposals are an insult to the intelligence of your constituents that have the time to voice our preferences in regards to the proposed boundaries of the redistricting committee. You should be ashamed of yourselves for continuing to disregard the opinions of the public. We have made it clear that we have had enough of the splitting up of urban areas to dilute our votes, and urge you to vote for one of the options put forth by the redistricting committee, and allow everyone a voice in how our state is managed. I implore you to remember what your purpose as a REPRESENTATIVE really means.
Rhea Hristou
As new residents, in a new subdivision in Murray, we are not happy with the new redistricting map. We expected fairness in our choice to move to a new district, you are failing to give that to us. Utah spoke - we want fair districts without gerrymandering. The new proposals do not reflect the wishes of the Utah voters. The UIRC commission spent many hours of educated study to propose fair mapping. Why is this not being considered? Do the right thing and vote in the UIRC maps - not the gerrymandered proposal that you are trying to force down the throats of Utah.
I lived in Garfield County for 30 years. Often there was no need to vote for county officials as there was no opposing candidate. Just Republicans. Upon moving to SLC I thought there might be a reason to vote. As a resident of the city I feel completely unrepresented by the Republican white males who know better than the people they represent.
Mary and Dennis Russell
We urge the legislature to follow the will of the voters and use the redistricting maps from the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission. The legislatures proposed maps are clearly GERRYMANDERING! This further erodes any trust that the public has in the legislature.
What a waste of time and taxpayer money for this gerrymandered atrocity. All you are doing is continuing the political shenanigans and outrage that is dividing this country and the people. Disgusting and reprehensible. We knew this would be a sham from the beginning and you delivered.
Ann Carter
I have voted in Federal elections for 40 years and have not once been represented. This is not what democracy is about. Please accept the maps drawn by the independent commission.
Virginia Lee
The concluding paragraph of Stuart Reid's Commentary, "GOP's radicalization threatens U.S." (Salt Lake Tribune, November 7, 2021, p. B4) nails the solution to the redistricting problem for the GOP super-majority in both Houses of the Utah Legislature to follow: "... Because the Republican Party has proven it cannot be fixed and therefore it is a perpetual threat to the republic, I will, by month's end, resign my party membership. While I deeply respect many friends who remain loyal Republicans, I, for one, can no longer associate with a political party continuing to lionize the likes of Donald J. Trump."
Gary C Gugler
Keeping Utah mail-in ballots GOP Red. It took me a couple of times to find the right district as the boundary between 2 districts is the end of my driveway.
Gary C Gugler
Keeping Utah mail-in ballots GOP Red.
Courtney Marden
This is an unacceptable power grab by the GOP legislature terrified of losing even an ounce of power. Please choose a map created by the Independent Redistricting Committee. The people of Utah voted for the Better Boundaries Initiative to fight against the shameful practice of gerrymandering in Utah. Listen to your constituents!
Gary C Gugler
Keeping Utah mail-in ballots GOP Red.
Renae Richards
You have forced one Salt Lake City mayor or one Salt Lake County mayor to work with four legislators to advance the interests of the city/county. Highly inefficient and ineffective. It's like having four bosses, and you have chosen, once again, the interests of power over public. I highly oppose this gerrymandered proposal. Clearly you have no interests in the representation of the people of Salt Lake City.
Henry Miller
This is so shameful and a complete disregard for the voices of urban Utah. Your fear is showing.
david suehsdorf
I am a registered Republican in Eden, Utah. I strongly urge the legislative community to adopt the map of the Independent commission. That you should publish your committee's version on Friday evening and cut off all public comment by Monday afternoon is shabby beyond belief. You have clearly decided to ignore the citizens' desire for a fair and impartial resolution of this matter. Adopt the proposal of the Independent Commission!
Baxter Alexander Reecer
This proposed plan focuses on disenfranchising urban voters of Salt Lake County. It's deliberate, brazen, and distinctly un-American. I have more in common with my neighbors within a 2 mile radius than anybody 200+ miles away. SLCounty deserves to be represented.
Baxter Alexander Reecer
This proposed plan focuses on disenfranchising urban voters of Salt Lake County. It's deliberate, brazen, and distinctly un-American. I have more in common with my neighbors within a 2 mile radius than anybody 200+ miles away. SLCounty deserves to be represented.
Noemi L.
We voted and paid for an independent redistricting commission to draw these maps. They have received excellent grades from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project in terms of their avoidance of partisan bias. Any move to throw out their maps goes against the interests and desires of the people of Utah. Keep the independent redistricting commission's maps!
Shelley Hill- Worthen
Firstly, releasing maps that ignore Prop 4 and the efforts of the independent redistricting committee is reprehensible. Add to that the fact these maps were released on a Friday evening, allowing very little time to comment again demonstrates the complete lack of regard our representatives have for democracy and representative government. There is no reason for Morgan county to have 3 separate house representatives. I will now be grouped with citizens from the Weber Valley. I insist you adopt the maps presented by the redistricting committee, not maps crafted to protect incumbents and the GOP in the state.
Renette Anderson
As voters, we chose an independent and impartial redistricting process. Both rural and urban Utah deserve congressional districts that are drawn to represent contingent local areas and which, when combined, gives a voice to ALL Utahns in Washington. The legislative map ignores that. Rather than fearing urban representation, take advantage of the strength it brings and select one of the Committee’s recommendations.
Timothy W Anderson
The proposed redistricting map is clearly intended to disenfranchise the voters of the salt lake valley. I implore you to follow the recommendations of the independent redistricting committee and throw out this clearly partisan unfair map that has been proposed (on a Friday with less than a week for comments before it is voted on, no less).
Jill B Jones
Once again the Utah Legislature has demonstrated to the Utah citizenry that it is deeply invested in continuing it's long-term commitment to blatant gerrymandering and the undermining of grassroots democracy and community involvement. In disregarding the careful and painstaking work of the Independent Redistricting Commission, it thumbs its nose at a truly fair and impartial process. The map the Legislature is offering is exactly the opposite. So much for the will of the people being honored.
David Porter
The map the Legislative Redistricting Committee’s released on Friday evening has one goal only, which is to diminish the Democratic Party’s chance of winning a house seat. It ignores the findings of an independent commission and rams together constituents in vastly different geographic areas with vastly divergent legislative priorities. It arbitrarily divides up Wasatch front neighborhoods and virtually ensures that each house representative will have little or nothing in common with a large portion of their district. This is an obvious gerrymander, and I hope you will honor the will of the voters that passed the independent commission proposal in 2018 and insist on reasonable and representative congressional districts.
I believe the current maps proposed by the legislators will disenfranchise many voters. Why do the urban areas need to be diluted so much by the rural areas? This is all wrong and not much different than it currently is. Please use one of the maps created by the independent commission
Leisha Nolen
This is a clear political approach to dividing the state. This was not an informed or well thought plan
Katie Johnson
We voted for an independent commission to redraw this map, not our current legislatures in office! Listen to the will of your people. Salt Lake City should remain intact!
M. Hardy
This is a perfect example of splitting communities up for the sake of partisanship and ensuring incumbent power. I don't living in Lehi. I live in Saratoga Springs. My town is split here for no reason whatsoever. Stick with the Utah Redistricting Commission Maps — if you can't abide by a voter approved measure to create that commission (clearly you cannot) the least you can do is stick with one of their maps vs. these bogus, 'cracked' geographies. Utah is better than this. Your supermajority isn't even in question here; please do the right thing and respect individuals' vote and representation, not the politically expedient thing by protecting your party and its incumbents.
Ray L Worthen
The people of Utah voted to have voting districts drawn up by an independent commission. To simply ignore this vote is yet another example of the Republican controlled legislature disregard for the people of Utah and Democracy itself.
Vicki turner
Where are the "proposed" Congressional districts? The latest published are not there. Most comments here seem directed at that. Short comment on state house distr: Can only see the last update to state house districts "proposed" by the Utah Legislative Redistricting Committee. I will be changing districts as mine got sliced and diced. The v brief time given to citizen review of proposals by legislature and the apparent overt gerrymandering by the single party demonstrates the continued lack of representation generated by redistricting or ignoring the will of the people demonstrated in referenda. I support the Independent commission. Todd Weiler had tweeted a link to the Princeton grading of redistricting efforts of all the states. Utah had no grade and data provided predicted, at best, a 60/40 split R/D. Other than one, the 3 were predicted greater than 60% R, one was almost 70% R. The slicing and dicing of the political pie is pretty apparent: there will be no representation for the majority urban areas where 90.6% of the Utah population presides( The demographics, current growth, the eviscerating of the minority vote in and around SLC will further degrade representation. The future for me, my family, friends and all Utahns is a potentially dangerous and unhealthy one as demonstrated by the power plays against good public health policies in the face of pandemic and protection of environmental resources in the name of political pandering. This is merely a codification of that misused and abused power. There is little interest in representation or the common good here.
Blake Steven Harris
STOP DIVIDING SALT LAKE COUNTY! The only reason for doing so is to ensure that the people of SLC are left without representation. The rural areas are most of Utah and will be for the next 10 years. They have their representation. Let me have mine.
Dustin Garner
GERRYMANDERING!!! These maps do not even attempt fairness and completely ignore the excellent work of the independent commission and the input of the public. Bad faith effort from the utah legislature.
Terry G Beebe
Utah has a large geographical area. The focus and concerns of the citizens in rural areas are not always the same as those citizens in larger urban areas. Putting portions of Salt Lake County in every district does not address that issue. I want to be represented by someone that lives in my district and not by someone that lives 200 or 300 miles away. It has been my experience that most politicians have their own agenda. Their main focus is in getting reelected. This redistricting will result in most of our elected officials living on the Wasatch Front. Therefore, their focus will be on urban issues, where most of their voters live. For example, I lived in upstate New York for many years and if it were not for New York City, New York State would be a conservative state. The larger population tends to control the agenda. My suggestion would be to redistrict geographically, Northern Utah, Wasatch Front, Central Utah, and Southern Utah. Another suggestion would be Northern Utah, Wasatch Front, Southeast Utah, and Southwest Utah. Divide the districts so that the representative from each district will have a similar focus with the people in the district they represent.
Pepper Glass
This map should be deeply embarrassing to Utah's politicians. It represents a blatant attempt to disenfranchise some voters in order to keep certain politicians, their favorable election results, and their funding streams intact. It openly dilutes the votes of poorer people and people of color by dividing their neighborhoods (look at Ogden's 5 (!) different districts). It trades on current cynical attacks on the basic legitimacy of the electoral system for short term political gain.
David Crispin
As usual you are going directly and predictably against the will of the citizens. We voted. We told you what we think of your blatant actions. You are again ignoring us. This makes me unbelievable sad and angry. You are the servants of the people not vice versa.
Bruce H. Jensen
I live in Salt Lake County, and have far more in common with this community than those of my family members in Price, Tremonton and Richfield. Almost 40% of those who voted in Utah last election did not vote for the republican presidential candidate, and 30% did not vote for the republican gubernatorial candidate. Gerrymandering serves the purpose of dividing and conquering the opposition- to cloak it by saying it’s justified because we get our peaches from a different part of the state is a farce. This year’s exercise is once again about ensuring the total dominance of the Republican Party while squelching any opposition, and all in the face of Utahns voting for a more fair and representative process and result. And I am a registered Republican.
Kent Gregory Golic
This map shows blatant disregard for the will of the people. Republicans clearly no longer believe in democracy. It's a sad situation that, hopefully, will be remedied by voting against republicans.
Jason Baxter
This map seems to intentionally ignore geographic, structural, and community boundaries. Why are remote west desert towns being grouped with suburban commuting neighborhoods near Tooele instead of with other closer towns in their counties that share similar needs and concerns? Why is St George area split so oddly? Wasatch front suburbs have towns split with areas jutting across freeways and significant divides like the Jordan River. Logan, Brigham City, Park City areas are all a confusing mess. There are far better maps that have been proposed.
Gregory Radin
Please use the map that was developed by the independent commission. Salt Lake City should not be divided in this way.
Lenora Olson
The Legislative Redistricting Committee has shown it’s disregard for democracy by blatantly ignoring the will of Utahns and ignoring all maps put forth by the independent redistrict8ng commission. The Committee members say the maps they present combine urban and rural districts which is needed in Utah. However, combining urban and rural communities hurts both. For example, homelessness and inflated housing prices require urban solutions while developing economies, water rights, and tourism require rural solutions. This is why a 2018 redistricting law (rescinded in 2020) required legislators to keep communities of interest together. The map created and presented to the public by the Legislative Redistricting Committee shows a redistricting for the US House that continues to deny Democrats their rightful place in a representative democracy. The map divides Salt Lake County into four districts, each diluted into impotency by combining it with a large swath of rural Utah. Should a House district become competitive by keeping SL County together, perhaps one (25%) of Utah’s US House representatives would be Democrat. Is this so unreasonable in a state where 33% of active voters vote Democrat? In addition, when one party controls almost every elected seat, it draws weaker candidates. With no competition, candidates are not motivated to listen to constituents and try new ideas. Once elected, they vote with an ear to donors, not constituents. I urge the Committee to reconsider the maps presented by the independent committee that represent public input. What is presented to us by the Committee is an injustice to all voters in our state.
Scott McMillan
These maps are so clearly the result of blatant gerrymandering, I'm embarrassed as a Utahn that they would even be considered by the legislature for adoption. No logic respectful of the right to vote can be used to justify adopting these voting districts, which are unfair to both urban and rural voters.
Jeffrey Dunn
To whom it may concern, I am upset that SLC has been dissected into four different congressional districts. The independent redistricting commission had much better options. Regards, Jeff Dunn
Brandon Russell
I voted in favor of the Independent Redistricting Committee. I, like the majority of people in our state, want to choose my representative - not have our "representatives" choose their constituents. It is disappointing to see the committee's input, which we voted for, ignored and put to the side.
Summer Grider
In comparing the state's recommendation to the independent commission recommendations, I am reminded again how our legislators are about themselves, not the people. The obvious shifting of people plays out simply by looking the deviations to target with +/- up to 3% shifts in population to consolidate a power base. Go back to the impartial recommendation - Purple Map was the best - and quit meddling in something the legislature should have no say in due to the inherent conflict of interest.
Matt Euler
These maps appear to be expressly designed to deny fair representation to urban-dwelling Utahns. Extreme gerrymandering like this exacerbates political polarization and leads to greater government dysfunction in the long-run. Every constituency deserves representation proportional to its actual size in the population. Please use the IRC maps instead.
Allison Robbins
Give Democrats a chance for fair representation—you don’t need to cheat to win in Utah!
kimball j thorderson
The people speak, and the GOP gives them the middle finger. 730,000+ Democrats and independents are left with even less of a voice than the last blatantly gerrymandered redistricting. I am disgusted.
Marc Pardee
This is a slap in the face to the will of Utahns. The proposed districts completely avoid the Independent Redistricting Committee's recommendation, which is what the people of Utah voted for. This is incredibly shameful and disappointing. There is no way that one representative can adequately represent the needs of those in Sugarhouse, while also representing the entire Southwest of the state. Do the right thing and respect the will of your voters.
Shelby Castleton
This map makes no sense. It goes against the requests of voters for impartial redistricting. The independent map used ZERO partisan political data yet lawmakers ignored it (and the will of constituents) and proposed your own version that cuts up SL Co. so that the voters there now have watered down representation. SL Co has about 40% of Utah’s population and we should have at least one seat for representation. USE ONE OF THE INDEPENDENT MAPS!!!
Shannon Jones
This map takes no consideration into the thoughtful, independent, bipartisan work of the Redistricting Committee. This is a blatant attempt to gerrymander districts through diluting opposition to the majority party.
Ruth Palmer
This map is a slap in the face of Salt Lake residents who have a right to be represented as a distinct voting entity. It ignores the extensive and excellent work of the independent redistricting committee and the will of the people. I'm disappointed and frustrated but not surprised by this blatant power grab by the legislature.
Harold Carr
This map completely ignores the recommendations of the IRC. It is completely unfair to residents of Salt Lake valley. I oppose these districts.
Christopher J Powers
This map appears to completely ignore the efforts and work of the independent Redistricting Commission, which the people of Utah voted to create. It appears to be more of the same, which is exactly what was feared when the legislature gave themselves the power to ignore the commission's recommendations. I strongly oppose these districts.
Katherine Campbell
This new proposal is terrible and quite obvious gerrymandering by the party in power to try to maintain that power despite shifting demographics. If a large minority exists in the state for another party, let them carry just one of our four districts to accurately represent our citizens. The majority will still be the majority.
Connor Allen
I live quite literally one block from three separate districts. I have friends in each (two to three blocks away), and I cannot fathom how we should represent different populations. We are all second-year graduate students, of a similar age, representing the larger demographic of the University of Utah area. I strongly oppose this proposed redistricting.
Kelly Burnham
Utah lawmakers doing the most to make sure 40% of the state is not adequately represented. Burn this proposed map and come up with something that isn’t the textbook definition of gerrymandering.
Ronald Sprunger
The Utah legislature's corruption and utter lack of respect for the will of Utah voters is perfectly expressed in these maps. Shameful and comptemptible are perhaps the mildest adjectives applicable to this behavior, though nothing better was expected.
John Barlow
Why does the legislature not respect the will of the people? As a Republican I am asking our state legislature to respect the will of the people. We voted to have our districts drawn by an independent committee. You are showing blatantly that you do not care what the citizens of Utah want. You are forcing me to vote for Democrats. You map is ridiculous and you should be ashamed. Salt Lake County should be one district, if we don't win then that will be because we don't represent the majority, you know like how it should be in a in a representative democracy.
William Bryce Ward
Besides the blatant disregard of the proposed efforts of the IRC, this proposed map seeks to divide the voice of the people by limiting an honest representation of Salt Lake County citizens. This map has only one purpose to expand and maintaining power to the conservative parties. It's obvious that this legislative body places the needs of the elite rural class when Rep. Sandell inaccurately claims state in the proposed maps that "Rural Utah is the reason for food, water, and energy in urban areas of the state." By not giving voice to urban voices, the Utah Leg has divided the state.
Katherine Brainerd
Utahns are sick of gerrymandering and chose an Independent Redistricting Commission in order to prevent maps like these. We want the legislature to respect their maps. Feedback from rural districts also reflects this preference. This is not, nor has it ever been about rural representation. It's just a power grab by politicians who have to cheat in order to win.
Dianne Orcutt
This is a bad map created for the sole purpose of keeping political power firmly in the hands of Republicans - nothing more, nothing less. I naively thought the legislature would at least give lip service to supporting the work of the IRC, but this proposed map shows that at no point were they interested in even considering for a second the results of the thousands of hours of work the committee put in to thoughtfully and impartially mapping the districts. This map needs to be soundly rejected. All Utahns deserve better. All Utahns deserve meaningful representation.
Addison Blair
Statements from the redistricting committee that the new maps better represent Utahns interests are condescending, especially given that voters demonstrated support for an independent commission to draw the maps. It's even more frustrating that no amount of public comment will change the minds of the Republican legislature. The denial of meaningful representation to a huge portion of Utah's population shows that Utah Republicans primarily see "democracy" as a campaign slogan instead of a value that's worth fighting for in and of itself, even when it's hard.
Douglas Hendricks
Gerrymandering is morally and ethically wrong. The fact that it's not legally wrong is one of America's greatest shames.
Hans Jorgensen
I vote we use the map from the Independent Commission. Why should my friends down the street be represented by another person when we share the same ideals? Rural and Metro areas are better served all together when properly represented.
Aaron Bullen
Dont split up Genola, Why split a tiny town?? Come on
Joshua Hortin
I encourage you to use the UIRC maps. Those maps were created after the UIRC toured the entire state, poured months of public comment and input into their maps, focused on communities of interest when drawing lines, and had an equal mix of majority and minority committee members. The UIRC maps are the State's best shot at a fair map for 100% of Utah. Remember, Proposition 4 passed with a majority of Utah's vote. Please reject this map and select one of the UIRC maps.
Meghan Knudsen
I am absolutely appalled that the state committee is once again undermining the wishes of the people of Utah and putting forward a horribly gerrymandered map of the state. By splitting Salt Lake County into 4 legislative districts, the republican lead state officials are intentionally silencing the liberal voice of the people of Salt Lake County. By splitting the county, the voices of the epicenter of the state, the central hub of commerce and development in the state has a limited voice on the national political scene. I really hope that the state uses a map published by the independent restricting committee, any of which are a better representation of the diversity of Utah.
Joan Gordon
I am shocked that the committee would put forward a proposal on Friday and give a only sliver of time for public response which must be received by Monday. What happened to the proposals submitted to the independent redistricting commission? What happened to the idea of keeping neighborhoods together?
Tyler Haynes
This map goes directly against what voters established in 2018 with the impartial redistricting committee, as well as what Utahns really need with legislative representation. This is a short term power grab that will have long reaching negative effects for Republican, Democrats, and Independent voters across the state, not just in Salt Lake County. Varying needs among vastly different communities will cause competition that will make governing even harder and less effective. Please consider what Utahns really need in Legislative districts so that their votes will not be diluted and worthless.
Zac Stephens
Very short-sighted. Having multiple voices, each representing a distinct district with a distinct makeup is a good thing for all. Instead, this map gerrymanders in an effort to drown out the multiple distinct areas of Utah that make it great and create a homogenous state (that does not exist) that will leave us all worse off in our representation and our future.
DC Sanft
Terrible. Pols should be ashamed of themselves.
Maria Cranor
No. No. No. Utah voters votec to install an impartial redistricting committee, which was then eviscerated byour own legislators. We don’t want the huge mixed-representation districts- we want contiguous communities to have a voice. By adopting your own maps you’re just overtly demonstrating your contempt for Utah voters. A bad decision on your part. Fortunately, we will not forget.
Casey Padron
This is blatant gerrymandering, and the Legislative Redistricting Committee should be embarrassed. As a Millard County resident, there's simply no way that a congressperson could adequately represent the needs of people in my county and Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties. Aside from the obvious (i.e., political), these communities simply do not have the same representational needs in terms of public infrastructure. This map is an insult to the already-feeble democracy left in Utah.
Keith Roberts
This pandering Utah Legislature clearly has no shame. There is clearly no attempt to hide the goal of gerrymandering the districts for GOP advantage. The majority of voters supported the 2018 independent redistricting to stop this very thing. How dare you disregard the will of your constituents and actively maneuver to silence the voices that threaten your personal power! Your dishonor and dishonesty are the only things demonstrated in this sham of a map.
Elena Dicus
Adopt the Independent Commission's recommend maps. This proposed map does not in any way reflect shared communities and is such a blatant attempt at diluting the votes of SL County. This is an embarrassment to the state and people of Utah and an affront on democracy.
loralee schafer
I live in Millcreek and want my vote to count for my area. This divides and separates communities. This gerrymandering is unfair to the residents of Salt Lake County.
Jon Bertrand
I've looked at most of the maps presented here and a clear pattern has emerged. The UIRC maps are great. These maps are ALL TERRIBLE. Seriously, this is complete joke. YOU HAVE A GOOD ALTERNATIVE. Selecting this map will be a clear signal you neither want nor believe in democracy.
Michael Porcelli
This is a terrible-terrible-terrible map! These lines were obviously drawn to maximize a partisan advantage by those in power, not to best represent people in urban and rural communities—it's insulting to even suggest that as truth. Published on a Friday to be rushed through on Monday, I think that says it all. These districts DO NOT benefit the voters—not rural, not urban, nor anyone in between. With this map, representatives cannot actually be held accountable by voters at the ballot box–regardless of political persuasion–and will have little incentive to do their job: represent their constituents. All of their constituents! This shows partisan players picking their voters to give themselves the most uncompetitive races; this is the opposite of democracy and the opposite of what the people wanted and voted for in 2018. Please use one of the maps the bipartisan Independent Redistricting Commission have already recommended—nothing about this map represents any of their work. Tweak it slightly if you must, but this should've been their job from the start. Their impact was wrongly minimized into some farcical procedural committee for appearances only, holding no actual authority. An affront to the voters and to all Utahns!
Jennifer Miller-Smith
HD-40 is split by two interstates, both I-80 and I-15. It was pushed west and north. With 3 cities. Or more?? This is terrible.
Matthew J Lyon
Gerrymandered Leg 8. In no way am I represented on this map. I don't live in Ogden Valley or North Ogden.
Stuart Hepworth
This is a transparent effort at both drawing out Suzanne Harrison and preventing Robert Spendlove from losing. Utterly shameless.
Isabel Roberts
This map is such a ridiculous farce and can't even pretend to represent the people who live in the state. Splitting up cities and communities with incredibly similar needs is clearly just an attempt for those in power to choose their voters instead of respecting the will of the actual people of Utah who voted to have an independent committee to suggest maps to accurately represent all the people. This is so clearly an attempt to subvert the will of those who live in urban centers and is one of the reasons it is so embarrassing to live in utah.
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
I am frustrated and disappointed in how these maps were drawn. My city, Vineyard, is divided into different sections. But Vineyard is far from the only city split up. Utahns voted in 2018 for a fair and independent nonpartisan redistricting commission. This map is certainly not fair, and very partisan. I am disappointed in the legislature ignoring the voice of the people and splitting neighborhoods and cities up to protect incumbents and political power.
Russell K Walters
This is unacceptable to anyone that actually cares about democracy. The blatant disregard for the people of Utah is highlighted in the maps the leg leaders have drawn up. Maybe you should try less hard to maintain power and your district and try harder at being leaders. I can't even convey the amount of disgust I have for the Utah leg. redistrict maps and the amount of time they ate up trying to save their own seats. You are fooling no one, why do you think the voters passed the independent redistricting committee? The voters were not happy when you decided that you knew better but we tried to believe you would at least get the message. Instead we got the message that you don't give a damn about the voters, only the far right because of the way you have continued your campaign to destroy fairness and democratically elected leaders. Instead you feel the need to make sure you protect yourself. Not a good showing, in fact it really looks bad and you should not accept any map that was not presented by the independent committee, to do otherwise is the give the majority of Utahans the finger. Really time for you to grow up and act like leaders not scared little men trying to protect your power.
Andrew Farley
Ya'll did your best to break apart the only democrat majority area in the state and dilute it with hugs swaths of the rural GOP.
Cindy Adams
I think it’s hypocritical of Utah Legislative Leadership to call anything they don’t agree with “Tone Deaf” while obviously ignoring what the voters said when they supported a committee to create redistricting maps to represent Utahns in a nonpartisan fashion. Or they champion freedom of speech but dilute Salt Lake County residents votes and voices in their obvious quest to have freedom of speech as long as everyone is singing from the same hymn book. If a representative’s message best represents the people then the maps should not need to be manipulated because their message will prevail. Please believe in the people of Utah and use any of the nonpartisan maps created by the commission and support the people over the politics.
Ann Sowder
The map proposed by Ray and Sandall is outrageous! They should expect an uprise to discredit them and remove them from office. You leave caring citizens no other choice. The legislature should see past this travesty and adopt the Independent Commission’s recommendations.
Andre LaFleur
This is unabashed gerrymandering. Separating the largely left leaning urban center into four different pieces ensures republican victory. As a republican I demand a fair and equal vote, and this is far from it. Our policies should be what keeps us in our seats, not rigging the system to our own benefit.
Emily Hayes
This map divides Salt Lake County to dilute the more progressive views of this voting community. It fails to incorporate the maps submitted by independent commission that was voted in by citizen referendum, thus going against the will of the people of Utah. This is a power grab - the very definition of gerrymandering, so that the legislators choose their voters. This is blatantly anti-democratic. I demand that the committee go back to the drawing board and revise the map to reflect the maps submitted to the committee by the independent redistricting commission.
Frank Feldman
As a registered republican who voted for the independent commission, all I can say is, what a farce! Our elected officials are completely out of step with the people of Utah on this issue. The concerns of urban voters are different from those of suburban voters, which are different from those of rural voters. None of these groups should be lumped into the same congressional districts as a matter of principle, especially when the obvious goal is to dilute the voices of minority party members. This isn't democracy, and we should be running sane people in the primaries against the current party leadership.
Bret Douglas Webster
The map proposed by Rep. Ray is an OUTRAGE! Dishonest, self-serving, corrupt and immoral. Adopt the maps provided by the Independent Commission.
Celyn Salow
The people of Utah voted for an independent, transparent, and impartial Independent Redistricting Committee to draw fair and balanced district maps; the Legislatures rejection of these maps shows their real goal in diluting of both urban and rural votes, splitting wards, school districts, and cities, and ensuring that voters have less and less of a voice. The Republican-led legislature shepherds their voters instead of allowing their voters to shepherd them by fair and free voting. The Independent Redistricting Committee's maps are fairer, more tenable, and function to enhance the voters' voices in urban and rural areas alike. These maps should be considered above the Legislature's current submission.
Skye Larsen
I'm extremely disappointed that you would ignore the will of Utahns who voted for an independent redistricting committee to draw up Utah's maps. This map, with its ridiculous carving of Utah's urban centers, fails to represent Utah's urban centers well. It fails to represent Utah's rural voters well by diluting and ignoring their voice. And it fails in representing anything other than representing the bitter and divisive partisan greed that is slowly tearing apart our country. Please do the right thing and listen to Utah's voters--listen to the independent committee.
Spencer Twede
Please use the independent map. This proposal clearly shows that lines have been drawn to limit political influence in favor of a two party system and not to provide accurate representation of constituents and their respective communities. Representation of my values and the things that are important to me are going to be different from those of someone living in a rural part of Washington County. As a someone who votes based on values and interests, not based on party lines, I think this map fails to deliver what Utahns need. If the goal is to keep Utah electing republicans and to limit votes for other candidates, mission accomplished. This is a naked attempt at doing just that.
Michael Witting
The idea that tiny vineyard and Lindon are both divided into multiple districts and Orem is divided into who knows how many is ridiculous. You could at least TRY to hide the gerrymander.
Katharine McGinn
This map does not represent communities, it breaks up communities. The differences between rural and urban are stark but no one gets served if representatives aren't responsive to their whole area of constituents. These maps do not help the people, they help keep legislative seats and disregard urban votes. Use the maps from the voter-approved committee who gathered input from the voters not behind closed doors.
Ryan S Hayes
This breaks up logical and very real communities. Stop. Use the independent commission's map. This is what we as the people asked you to do.
Joshua Matthews
The way that Provo is divided makes no sense. What is the reasoning behind splitting Joaquin in half and then putting the rest of BYU in a separate district. This seems like a blatant plan to try and suppress the University voters. There is no difference between where I live and 3 blocks north. This map splits my Latter-day Saint ward in two and my Stake in three. It makes no sense.
Bryan Kaufman
This map is not inline with the map that was drawn by the independent commission that was voted for by the people of Utah. Please update it to those of the independent commission as that was the will of the voters. If you do not, I hope that Governor Cox vetoes any map not drawn by the committee that was created by the will of Utah voters, and not elected officials trying to keep themselves in power. None of these maps allow for proper representation of Salt Lake County and are trying to dilute any Democrat voice in our state. Rural and Urban Utah do not have the same needs and their voices need to be unique not smashed together artificially.
Mark Alston
Utahns wisely voted together to have unbiased, non-gerrymandered maps for our state. This is not what we voted for. The distain the Utah Legislature has for the voters of Utah is shown in full force.
Susan Doi
Uhh...wasn't an Independent Redistricting Committee choosen to avoid this obvious gerrymandering? Geez, you're not even sneaky about it. It's blatant - splitting the (majority democratic) Salt Lake County into 4 (really 4?) districts. Aren't you even slightly embarrassed about being so obvious? So partisan? I am doubtful the majority Republican legislature will even think twice about approving this because they're afraid of giving up their power. It's sad and disgusting.
Eric St.Clair
This map is not inline with the map that was drawn by the independent commission that was voted for by the people of utah. Please update it to those of the independent commission as that was the will of the voters.
Chase Charaba
Why is Pleasant View and Ogden split up like this? I'm not even in the same district as 90% of my town! This doesn't make any sense.
Vanessa Brown Laurella
Having this independent committee draw redistricting lines is absolutely against the will of the people. This is a partisan ploy to take away democratic votes to assure a democrat never represents the people they serve. It is clear gerrymandering. It is unacceptable.
Christopher Rohr
This solves nothing and absolutely does not reflect the will of the people who voted to have an independent committee draw fair maps. This is simply more of the same. Also, there should not be a default to any opinion at the top of this form, too easy to miss.
Rod Perry
The congressional districts are a clear gerrymander. Representatives represents contingent, local interest groups, not "blended" areas. Metro UT citizens deserve a representative that attends to their interests. The current map gives a minority number of rural voters veto over a majority group of metro voters.
Karl Brent Somers
This make no sense to me beyond pure gerrymandering by a Republican legislature.
Michael Stahler
We all voted for an independent commission to make the decision. The proposed map is more of the same and is clearly gerrymandering.
Craig Allen
Please use one of the maps created by the independent commission
Trevor Morris
Splitting up Salt Lake County in 4 different ways is unfair to the citizens of SLC. These maps are unacceptable. I support the maps by the Independent Redistricting Committee. Those maps are fairer. I also find the reasoning of rural with urban citizens doesn’t make sense. These maps couldn’t look any more partisan than what is here. Please use one of the Independent Redistricting Committee maps.
Phil Sahm
This proposed map represents the interests solely of our overwhelmingly Republican, Mormon and white male Legislature. They don't care one bit whether Utahns who are not Republican, Mormon or white male have any representation in the Legislature or Congress. If it weren't so despicable, this proposal would be a joke.
Tena Rohr
This map is not one of the choices from the Independent Redistricting Committee that the people voted for. We the people want Salt Lake County represented as one district, NOT four! This attempt to gerrymander yet again is unacceptable! Our votes should count! We need to vote for representation! Legislators who do not represent us should be VOTED OUT!
Ben Baker
Splitting Salt Lake County into four districts is blatant dissolution of our vote. Accept a carefully considered map drawn by the independent commission and vote no on this gerrymandered nonsense.
Ryan Hinkins
This as proposed by the State Legislature is another gerrymandered proposal similar to what they did ten years ago. They are splitting Salt Lake County up into four districts because they are afraid that a Democrat would be elected. Salt Lake County citizens will not be represented fairly and we will lose our voice in Congress. This proposed map is a disgrace and the Legislature's blatant attempt to gerrymander shows they are not for representative government. Pathetic.
Leslie Smoot
The citizens voted to have an Independent Redistricting Committee draw up the maps. Why would you throw them out and create your own? To have each district represent both urban and rural defeats the purpose of having a representative for where I live. Senators are there to represent urban and rural, Representatives are supposed to represent the people in a specific district. Please use the UIRC maps that were drawn up in a non-partisan manner!
Mark Edlund
I would like to see Salt Lake County kept together
Pat Annoni
I sincerely hope Governor Cox will veto any map NOT presented by UIRC. I wholeheartedly support UIRC, because they drew fair maps and THAT's exactly what Utahns voted to support!
Mark Henderson
Unacceptable! You got fair maps from the IRC. You may use them and them only!
Anna Young
Absolutely unacceptable. Absolutely no fair representation. The PEOPLE spoke, WE wanted a fair redistricting and this is NOT it. Use the IRC maps, not your self-serving maps.
According to these maps I will live in one district, my grocery store that is three minutes down the road is in another district, and my 10 minute drive to work will take me into yet another district and my partner's drive to work will take him into another district entirely. If these maps are adopted our daily lives will be divided between all 4 districts. This is not how you represent people. This is how you suppress them to achieve an outcome that solidifies your own power. These maps do not represent a commitment to democracy and reveal that the legislature has no care for the needs of their constituents - they only care about keeping themselves in power.
Tom Brandon
This is the DEFINITION of gerrymandering! Splitting American Fork into FOUR separate districts! Are you kidding me. The Republican elected officials are corrupt and only looking out for their best interests (re-election) and not the interests of the constituents.
Diane Homan
This map would not represent Utah's population well. With this, a single representative would be tasked with representing the needs of both rural and urban communities --a nearly impossible task as these are often in direct conflict with one another. The Independent Redistricting Committee offered several maps that avoided this issue. I recognize that the legislature has a constitutional duty in regards to redistricting. That does not mean that they throw out all public input, especially input from a committee that was the direct result of a vote from those they are intended to represent. We have made our will clear. It is their job to represent that. These maps do not do that.
Katy Owens Hubler
Yet again, this map splits the Greater Park City area into three different house districts. In fact Summit County is split into a total of four different house districts, when it has enough population to have its own district.
Karli C LaMar
This map is another attempt to dilute the SLC County voting block. The Independent Redistricting Committee maps are far preferable to the hack job submitted here by UT Republicans. I voted for the citizens initiative (remember this PASSED), which was then reimagined into a bipartisan committee who could be ignored. I wonder why? These maps are exactly the reason why. The willful disregard of voters has got to end somewhere. If you are mad about SLC being a blue voting block then change your policies to keep your seat, don't change the map to do so!
Jeffrey Schmidt
You all know what you did, and you know what you're doing. This is gerrymandering on full display. Utah County in four districts? Let's get real and take the mask off. We all know what represtantive politics are, and we all know that the excuses given for this map would be weak even this were proposed for the Senate. Truly ashamed to live here right now. Thanks for nothing.
Leonard McGee
Completely partisan map drawing; absolutely ignores the will of the voters. Split of SL County and placing the pieces in rural districts contravenes common sense regarding real representation.
Rebecca Gordon
This map does not provide proper representation to anyone. Carving up Salt Lake county to prevent any chance of a democrat representative is pretty blatant. Cities in salt lake county have different needs than a rural community, having one representative for both communities dilutes effectiveness. We voted for an independent counsel to create congressional maps, follow what the people voted for.
Joseph Palmer, Jr.
This map blatantly ignores the will of the people as clearly expressed in the 2018 Ballot Initiative. It's a slap to the face of the IRC, which it clearly ignores. Carving up SL County to gerrymander R seats is a farce. Why should my City of Holladay have two Congressional Reps? This is Utah Partisan Politics at its worst.
Erin McGlade
This is a blatant example of gerrymandering. The voters elected to have an Independent Redistricting Committee. The IRC drew maps that were scored A’s and not gerrymandered. The Redistricting maps presented here are abysmal. I am disappointed and embarrassed that such blatant manipulation is happening in Utah.
Mathias Sanyer
This is a ridiculous division of our state. Shame on you for even thinking this is ok. Do not cut up Salt Lake to maintain your power, these cities and locations are different. Actually represent this state, this is a shameless set up to make sure republicans stay in power instead of doing your job. Use the map created by the independent commission.
Nicholas Daley
Splitting Salt Lake into four different districts? We voted for an independent commission to draw the lines, not our corrupt politicians! This is such a joke.
Kiersten Honaker
Yes, rural Utah is important. But so are the voices from urban Utah. Having every district represent both means that no one is adequately represented. Representation is supposed to meet the needs of the people in the area. It's ridiculous to even pretend to think that someplace like Park City and Moab have the same needs, yet you would give them the same representation. We voted for an independent commission specifically to avoid blatant gerrymandering (that has been happening in Utah for decades). These maps are unacceptable. Use the independent commission maps.
Trafton Drew
There is no acceptable reason for not using independent redistricting committee maps, or for dividing Salt Lake county into four districts. The map proposed by the Utah Legislative Redistricting Committee is not in the spirit of a fair and representative democracy.
Julie Wolfe
The people of Utah voted to have the maps drawn by an impartial commission, the Utah legislature thought otherwise. This ridiculous map drawn by 2 republicans shows exactly why this is a bad idea. I'm currently in a district that is not at all representative of me or my neighbored. Yes Southern Utah provides all that, but Salt Lake City provides the money via taxes and we deserve to be represented fairly. This map just shows how these 2 men want to quash those with differing viewpoints and once again won't represent Salt Lake City.
Michael Klein
There is no acceptable reason for not using independent redistricting committee maps, or for dividing Salt Lake county into four districts. The map proposed by the Utah Legislative Redistricting Committee is not in the spirit of a fair and representative democracy.
Ryan Malavolta
These proposed districts subvert the will of the people of Utah. We voted very clearly to allow the independent redistricting committee to do its work and create non-gerrymandered districts that represent ALL Utahns. You are not listening to the clear message sent by constituents. This is a perversion of democracy and an embarrassment to representative politics. You should be ashamed of your clear partisan hackery.
Eric Hoffman
Not looking forward to another 10 years of not being represented in the state legislature by anyone living even close to my city. Thanks to carefully slicing *yes gerrymandering* the Park City area up, yet again, this just unveiled, created behind closed doors map is only going to drive more wedges in our state. Get ready for another state prop on this and this time we won't work a deal with the legislature as these actions are certainly not following the words that were used during the compromise. Very disappointed, but completely not surprised. Typical Utah Legislative action here.
Christopher Stout
"In their news release, Sandall said: “After listening to Utahns and touring the state, Rep. Ray and I created maps that we believe incorporate the interests of all Utahns. The congressional map we propose has all four delegates representing both urban and rural parts of the state." I'm so thrilled that two representatives get to create maps when in 2018 Utahns overwhelmingly said they wanted an independent commission to do so.
Melissa Garber
I live in White City township. We are a small community with specialized needs like sidewalks and improved infrastructure, but this map splits us down the middle. I feel like our community gets split every time a legislative map is redrawn. This proposed map puts me in district 50 which is a skinny strip from 1300 e to Bangerter Highway? It makes no sense to me. Other than a clear move on the chair’s part to stifle our voice. Please adopt one of the maps from the independent redistricting committee. Those maps are not perfect but they are definitely fair and they keep communities together. (A grades from the Independent Princeton partisan review) This map is more about power and control. Very disappointing to see this proposal, especially when the people voted for an independent commission. Additionally splitting Salt Lake County into four Congressional districts makes your intentions clear.
Clay Dean-Perry
This obvious partisan map will lead to a lawsuit. How much money will the taxpayers be forced to pay to fight against their will? Wondering if this map was created months ago and just tweaked to fit the final numbers.
Brandon Oquendo
Just like they did with Prop 2, the Utah Legislature has opposed the voice of the people. Prop 4 was passed for a reason and fairly voted on. This new map is to be made up by an Independent Commission. This proposed map is blatant Gerrymandering and I implore all my fellow Utah Citizens to push back on this. Independent Commission is what we voted on.
Forest Sickles
This is a terrible map that does not reflect the will of the people that voted for a non-partisan redistricting approach. Unless we remove those that decided they know best then the community as a whole, we will always have the same results.
Anna Swenson
In 2018, 512,218 Utahns voted in a fair, public, statewide election to give the job of redistricting to an independent nonpartisan committee. Why did we vote for this? Because this is something that will affect all Utahns for the next 10 years - longer than any of the legislators drafting their own maps will be politically viable in office. We deserve fair representation in office, now and in the future. Splitting up the state to dilute urban areas is reprehensible and not in good faith. You have a conflict of interest. Please recuse yourselves and allow the maps drawn by the UIRC to go through, 8 of which were scored at an A level by the Princeton Gerrymandering Project for political fairness. Please listen to what Utahns asked for and stop imposing your will upon us. We elected you and we can remove you from office. We want an independently drawn district map.
Tavin Forsythe-Barker
Too many of the districts along the Wasatch front seem to unnecessarily overlap across city and county boundaries in contrast to the wishes of the Utah public and the general goals of redistricting. Of course it will be occasionally necessary to do this, but this map seems to do too much of it in comparison with the maps proposed by the Independent Commission. Take districts 50 and 22 in this map. White City and South Jordan are different communities with different interests as are Magna and Copperton. Please use one of the maps proposed by the Independent Commission all those are much more in alignment with the wishes of Utah voters.
Tyler Bain
Use the maps created by the Independent Redistricting committee. The public made their desires clear at the ballotbox. The legislature clearly has a political bias in their maps. Salt lake county should not be in 4 pieces.
Quintin Goff
This map is a clear case of gerrymandering. Show some respect for the will of the people and some decency, and use a fairer map created by the independent commission. Gerrymandering like this is clearly self serving and is a form of institutionalized rigging for your benefit. The urban areas deserve representation (emphasis on that word), which tends to lean democrat. You all but ensure that will not happen with this map. What you’re doing here is a perversion of democratic system. As a voter and someone whose life will be impacted by this, please stop the self serving and be fair.
Russ Anderson
The people of Utah chose prop 4. This is not what we wanted. We want a independent commission map. All four of the props passed in 2018 have tampered with by the legislature's heavy handed tactics. They don’t listen to the people. And we the people don’t learn. We keep sending the same people back to the Utah state capital. I guess we like living in a nanny state. Come on people Elect someone who will listen to us!
Cody Bailey
Way to go! Splitting Daybreak in two because it isn't bright red. Way to stop the party you don't like from winning.
Jay Jordan
(Re-commenting because I mistakenly clicked "like" before, and I can't delete that comment.) This legislative proposal is transparently partisan. I know that the argument that gets publicized is that it's necessary to make the entire Utah legislative caucus respond to both urban and rural voters, but those interests might diverge for many reasons. Salt Lake County isn't the only county in the state, of course. But under the guise of aiming for "fair" representation, this map and the arguments behind it will mean that the will of SL County voters/constituents is so diminished that representatives will believe they can safely ignore them when it's convenient. This is a bad map.
Steven Erlingheuser
The blatantly terrible reasoning behind each district in the congressional map [each district having a bit of urban and rural] doesn't even apply once you get to the state legislative maps as seen here, when you are stuck with districts that would be 100% urban or 100% rural. Communities are blatantly being split up solely for partisan gain. For both the congressional maps and the state legislative maps, all this tells voters who vote a certain way that they don't matter. Not just their votes: themselves. This is even the case when it comes to voters who already are voting with the party that currently holds power, because the interests of two communities at opposite ends of a district could be vastly different, even if they support the same party. What's the excuse this time?
David Weber
There was a clear mandate from voters to use an independent council for redistricting. This is blatantly disregarding the recommendations of the council, and the will of the people. We need a restoration in faith in democracy, now more than ever, and this is not helping.
Jarrett Bradshaw
This map is appalling. My brother, my mother and I all live in Salt Lake Country with 20 minutes of each other. Yet we all reside in 3 different congressional districts. Its lunacy. How does this accurately reflect the interests of the people?! Who drew it should be ashamed. Go with the maps of the independent commission.
Tiffany Peck
This map is not what the people of Utah chose. Disregarding the IRC maps is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. We passed Prop 4 in 2018, asking for an independent redistricting commission to redraw these maps. We have spoken to our interests and wants. It appears that once again, the Utah Legislature is dishonoring the oath they took. I know we aren't surprised, as this has happened over and over again (food tax, medical marijuana, Medicaid expansion, etc). I would say shame on the legislature for doing this again, but maybe it is time to say shame on us for allowing these disrespectful people to continue to be elected. If the members of the legislature actually are reading these comments, my plea is the same. Use one of the maps created by the IRC, through the process chosen by the people of Utah.
Blaine L Nielson
The Utah Republican party looks at our state as their own fiefdom. They show that they only care about complete control and have no use of the any input from it's citizens.
Spencer Brown
The congressional districts proposed by Sen. Sandall and Rep. Ray are worse than I could have imagined. I have never seen such a bald attempt at a partisan gerrymander. The notion that voters like me, heavily concentrated in Salt Lake County, share congressional representation with the most rural parts of the state should be offensive to everyone. Whether we are Republicans or Democrats, the fact is that rural and urban parts of the state have differing interests and Salt Lake County--the economic and population hub of the state--deserves a voice in congress. What makes this worse is that the map is a wholesale rejection of the redistricting committee's recommendations. The voters overwhelmingly chose to have a redistricting committee to avoid just what we are seeing now. And the legislature is just thumbing their noses at their voters. I hope there are political consequences for anyone who votes for this map, but especially for Sandall and Ray.
Elizabeth Bellit
Explain to me how this isn't a blatant power grab by people who are terrified of losing their grip on Utah politics?
Sasha Zaharoff
Anything south of 4500 S in SLC and north of the Capitol are foreign to me. It is really baffling that most of the western edge and southern part of the state will be represented by the same person as me.
Leah Smith
This map is not reflective of Utah's population. Gerrymandering Salt Lake County into four districts is unfair to rural and urban voters.
Todd Bohman
What is the point of a voter approved independent commission if it won’t be followed. It is completely disrespectful to voters and corrupt to overturn their wishes.
Tom Leitko
I like the independent commissions map much better. Utah US congressional districts are incoherent. It’s absurd to say you value Rural representation, then run someone like Burgess Owens who has no idea how to represent Utahns on any level. These districts disengage voters because they do not represent real communities.
Michael Price
Please use one of the maps created by the independent commission. This feels incredibly like ignoring the will of the people and with no concern for transparency.
Kenneth Shifrar
Once again the Utah Legislature prepares to gerrymander my vote. I've lived here 50 years and have NEVER been represented. Of course that is because I'm a resident of the routinely gerrymandered Salt Lake County. My current representation to the US is at the worst level ever. No surprises here. I plan to leave Utah to avoid this gerrymandering and the taxes imposed for issues I do not support.
Angela Barber
Such a disappointment that you are not using the commissions maps after we the people voted to have more to say about this subject and this commission did such a great job to draw the lines fairly.
Robert M Mlaka
Gerrymandering at its finest. You truly know how to squash democracy. The city and country are way to different with many different needs that are not compatible with one another. Your attempt to kill the Democratic vote in this state is blindly obvious. This seems to be the Republicans agenda across this nation. Let me remind you that the majority of the popular vote is democratic in this country of ours. Those of you who came up with this idea need to be barred from anything political you do not have the best interest of the voters in mind when creating this gerrymandered map.
Jacqualine Grant
This splitting of communities (Enoch and Cedar City) isn't as bad as what northern Utahns experience, but it still doesn't make for effective government. Enoch and Cedar City is a more logical pairing than Cedar City and Paragonah or Kanarraville because Cedar City and Enoch share more characteristics in common with each other than the other communities.
Sarah Duensing
If it wasn't drawn by the UIRC we don't want it! The voters spoke when we passed Prop 4 in 2018.
Ingrid Akerblom
This is nothing more than bald-faced partisanship to assure Democrats never have a voice in this state no matter how many there are here. Those who favor clean air, support diversity and advocate for open space apparently are not aligned with the direction the state is taking. Well, wake up, our growth rate will be stalling soon as those attracted to our state recognize just what the priorities here are. Spare me the representation of both rural and urban interests as justification as we know that the urban perspective has been and will continue to be ignored.
Josie Bohling
This will not allow for fair representation. The communities in this area are way to different to be provided a fair vote that represents their needs by one vote.
William Andrew McCullough
A member of the Utah legislature, who obviously wants to be sure that he and his friends are re-elected, told me that, since the state has about 60% Republican voters, all seats should be about 60% Republican. That ignores the theory behind representative democracy which contemplates all points of view being heard. Instead, the districts should be formed to provide for a substantial minority representation. With four Congressional seats, one should contain enough Democrats to get one elected. One should contain enough urban voters to give them representation, That actually would represent the diversity of the state. Instead, the committee feels they must work to protect sitting members. That should not be a consideration. Why is Salt Lake County divided up between all four districts? For only reason, and that is to prevent Salt Lake County from being properly represented. After all, the rumor is that there are a lot of Democrats there; and they must be divided and conquered. Shame on all of you.
Karen POST
It's impossible in the state of Utah to expect redistricting of any kind to truly represent all of the citizenry. I have lived in Utah for 80+ years and my vote has hardly ever counted because I vote for the democrats. Can I ever expect the other party's leadership to be fair and periodically throw us (the democrats) a bone when doing redistricting? Is it too much to expect in the state of Utah---for leadership to be fair?
Aaron Dewell
Absolutely unacceptable. Continuing the blatant gerrymandering of the last 10 years with a lame excuse like "all reps will represent both urban and rural utah". Rural Utah would be quite adequately represented by 3 instead of 4. This ignores urban Utah and says rural Utah is all that matters. It goes against logic, common sense, and the will of the voters all for partisan ends.
Brandon Bean
This map is way worse than what was provided by the independent commission. You've split up cities and counties like crazy. Even at your committee's meetings, I saw several maps suggested that were better than what you have here. It's very obvious the power to draw maps shouldn't be in your hands because you have taken advantage of the conflict of interest. We voted in 2018 for prop 4 for a reason and you are showing why you can't be trusted.
Chris Brune
Ogden explicitly asked not to be split like this. When you came here someone out and out said "don't split us 6 ways again," so you instead split us 5 ways? You're ignoring what the people who live here have asked for. What was the purpose of your expensive tour if not to listen and implement?
Patrick Dylan Zwick
I live in Ogden and this map goes out of the way to split our community as much as possible. It's extremely disappointing to see the legislature disregard community interests for the sake of increasing the power of an already incredibly dominant party. Shameful.
Daniel C Friend
Rep. Ray criticized my original map for putting Sunset with Roy. How in the world is putting Sunset with Riverdale, Uintah, and South Weber any better? It's worse! There seems to be no philosophy behind this map other than protecting incumbents, but safe seats make legislators unaccountable, and that makes our government less representative and worse for everyone. Want to know why public trust in institutions is at an all-time low? Because of actions like these.
Stuart Hepworth
Ogden should not be split 5 ways when it has the exact population of two districts. This particular split just so happens to make it harder for the incumbent Democrat in the area to be re-elected. Not very subtle.
Stuart Hepworth
Again, splitting the greater Park City area (in three this time!) is exactly what you were asked not to do. I was at that meeting, I know what people asked for, and it wasn't this.
Stuart Hepworth
Daybreak shouldn't be split in two.
Stuart Hepworth
For the record, since I was confused by this random bit of highway sticking out like a sore thumb, this is a really stupid census block and (unlike the rest of the map) not Rep. Ray's fault.
Daniel C Friend
This map is as awful as our current map. I went to a lot of trouble to present a full State House map to the committee, and it is beyond frustrating to see that absolutely nothing I said has been taken into account. Provo's neighborhoods--the very definition of communities of interest--are divided almost exactly the same way as before. South Provo is still married to northern Springville. These two cities are nothing alike and do not belong together. Provo's urban core is divided. 300 North is in no way a natural boundary between districts. What was the point of soliciting public input? None of the problems of the old maps have been fixed. Please listen to the people that you represent. We want something better than a slight refinement of a bad map.
Linda Price
What is the point of having an independent commission if you are just going to blatantly gerrymander anyway? This is NOT a fair division or representation at all, and I am very disappointed that you disregarded the commission’s efforts. This map has been used before: it is not a good model.