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Jennifer Lopez
Why is my very diverse neighborhood of Glendale lumped in with district 1? We have over 25 languages spoken in our neighborhood, have diverse needs and urban living. We are quite unlike the rest of District 1, and we are most like the core of Salt Lake City and the also-diverse South Salt Lake. Splitting the city like this splits people. Try again. This isn't the solution.
Julie Faure
This map divides Salt Lake County into 3 districts and combines Northern and Southern Utah into one district. I can't see how this map follows the guidelines of keeping communities of interest together.
Eric Hobday
This map divides the Salt Lake City area into three districts. This fails to meet the test of keeping communities together. It is a very partisan map and must be discarded. As an alternative, perhaps the advocate of this map could redraw it, dividing Provo into three districts. Oh wait, that would be unfair, would it not?
Spencer Thompson
District 1. I don't know how one representative will have a voice over such a large area.