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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Joel Barber
Thank you UIRC for producing well crafted non-partisan maps just like the *majority* of Utah voters wanted.
Karin L Fenn
This map is better than 132 but still not a fair distribution of districts according to interests and concerns. Not a good choice.
Rusty Smith
The worst map put forward by the independent commission, but far better than anything put forth by legislators. The problem with this map is that is mixes too many Urban and Rural voters together. When this happens you have representatives that have a hard time representing their district because their district isn't aligned on the issues.
Wendy Conrad
My least favorite of the IRC maps - but way better than the Legislature proposal. I prefer the Purple or Orange maps created by the IRC!
Jon Bertrand
This map isn't as good as some of the other maps. The urban/rural mix is just too weird. I'd pass on this one.
Sarah Duensing
Another attempt to split Salt Lake County as many ways as they can to quite progressive and liberal voters. We deserve AT LEAST one totally urban district considering 90.6% of the population of the state is in urban areas.