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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Julianne Peck Dabling
I support the independent redistricting commissions map. Do not tinker with it and manipulate it and then pretend like you're not doing that for political gain. The UIC's map was well thought out, ethical, and has districts that were in the best interest all Utahns.
Stuart Hepworth
@Bryan Debbink Good catch, this was an oversight on my part. Fairly easy fix, just need to move the part of D24 west of I-15 into D-20 and move the rest of that neighborhood into D-20. Alternatively could remove D-24 from NSL entirely and put 23 into it, but that would be a more involved change with a few cascading effects to get population balanced.
Bryan D Debbink
sorry, editing mistake... "Other maps are able to move this neighborhood's population around within SL county..." And I didn't look at the details for how this works with Davis county, but this isn't a lot of people we're talking about. The point is that there's a mountain, a gravel pit, and (most importantly) the rest of the immediate NSL neighborhood between this area and the rest of the district.
Bryan D Debbink
Why is this section of Davis County included in D24? It's completely disconnected from it's community in NSL. Other maps are able to move this neighborhood around within SL county. (See attached screenshot of the 'orange' map at this location.) I would put 'dislike', but I'm not in this affected area, though it is my district.
Stuart Hepworth
@Daniel Dirks I'd love to keep Box Elder County whole; unfortunately this isn't possible. The county is 14k people too large; options are either what I do here, or splitting half of Tremonton and points north of it off and putting them into Cache County. Would that be better, and they be just as dissatisfied with that as your area is with this option?
Daniel Dale Dirks
Perry and Willard should be in district 1 with the rest of Box Elder County. We have nothing in common with Weber County.
Daniel Wade
The West Haven City boundary used between Dist. 12 & 29 is not current. This area abuts a large part of unincorporated Weber Co. which is experiencing many annexations. Using the city boundary as a District boundary would be problematic when creating precincts.