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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Karin L Fenn
This is not a good map either as it seeks to link more liberal and more ethnically diverse Salt Lake City, with remote sparsely populated and rural areas. Very diverse needs and challenges in these distinct area which deserve to have representation and a voice. I am not dealing with the same issues that ranchers and farmers are. Similarly, ranchers and farmers in remote areas are not having to walk through unhoused communities on their way to school or work. We need districts that fairly organize population by county and or urban or rural. That is the only fair way to do it. This is not a fair map that would adequately represent the diverse needs of diverse communities.
Adam Fortuna
This is an interesting map. I prefer the UIRC maps overall, but this is better than everything else out there I've seen. Keeping SLC & PC in a single district is nice. Districts tend to follow where travel follows.
Robert Dood
This is atrocious: an obvious attempt to crack Salt Lake and keep Stewart and Owens in power, both of whom flagrantly ignore their urban constituents. Utah is 90% urban.
Robert Dood
Obvious gerrymander to split up SLC.
Jeffrey Rust
Maps should follow county lines as much as possible to be fair and equitable. Splitting Salt Lake County and then adding Tooele County and Wasatch County back into District 2 doesn't make a lot of sense. It would make the most sense to have most of Salt Lake County be its own district. Then combine the rest of Salt Lake County's population with one of the adjacent districts to meet the equal population requirement.